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Manmade Meat?

The meat industry has a history of questionable practices and ethics. For decades, the government had to fight meat packing companies and meat suppliers to meet certain standards and practices. Companies got tired of getting hit with fines, penalties, and some were even shut down out of public health concern. While most of the defiant factories were shut down, others still remained. The Washington Post recently released an article depicting that the future of meat may no longer involve the meat industry. Thanks to technology, the meat products that Americans eat will stand on their own four legs. Students and professors at Maastricht University in the Netherlands have created the world’s first 5 ounce lab grown hamburger patty. It cost the lab students roughly 350,000 dollars to make this patty from scratch. They managed to rearrange parts of the process and have cut the cost by 80 percent. Currently, the patty costs $10 but developers are hoping to get that down price down even further.


Americans eat meat faster than any other country in the world, and other countries aren’t too far behind if you ask Gravity4 workers. If America and other countries can adopt this means of producing meat according to Biz Journals, the world would become a more sustainable place for livestock. These students have provided a humane and ethical means to produce meat. With further research and tests, the teams hopes to have the scientific burger patties on the market as early as 2017.

The Smell of Smoke as a Bother

One town in Oregon is now stating that smelling marijuana can be a nuisance. How in the world can this be bothersome unless someone really doesn’t like the smell of that kind of smoke? There are people who smoke cigarettes and cigars, so why not make that a nuisance as well? There are talks of being fined if someone makes a report about smelling marijuana smoke while on your person, even if Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thinks that is excessive. It looks like there are people in this town and on Fortune who have nothing better to do than complain.


What are they going to do when there is a fire and there is a smell of smoke? Will every single person who is smoking be checked to see how they smell? This is one of those fines that shouldn’t exist and should be thrown out as soon as possible. What makes this odd is that it will soon be legal to smoke marijuana in the state.

Kijiji Makes a Killing in Canada While Flailing in US Markets

Does anyone in the United States even remember Kijiji? The answer is probably not. The eBay owned classified advertisement site disappeared in the states while building a massive audience across the border in Canada.

Kijiji is actually one of the top 10 sites visited by Canadians. More people in Canada use Kijiji than Craigslist, a fact that would probably shock most Craigslist loving Americans.

The success of the now Canadian classified site actually came from the failure of eBay in Canada. Populations are spread out making delivery costs high. This is apparently a huge turn off for penny-pinching Canadians.

Dr. Daniel Amen says Kijiji offers a way for Canadians to do business face to face. This has given the site a huge advantage over the auction oriented style of eBay.

Most of the services on Kijiji are free to use. This is an incredibly attractive feature for thrifty Canucks. Only some of the more high profile sections of the site like automobiles and rentals cost money to post in. Other revenue streams generated by Kijiji include advertisement upgrades and even some banner advertisements.

Yale Doctor Creating His Own iPhone Health App

E. Kevin Hall is a cardiologist who treats children with heart defects. Many people would consider this quite an accomplishment, but he doesn’t stop there. Whenever Hall has some free time, he spends it working on an iPhone health app that he his developing. His goal is to be able to transform the iPhone into a clinical research tool.

Hall is using Apple’s new Research Kit open source code tool that was released last month. The 41-year-old cardiologist says that he has been interesting in programming since he was a boy, playing with his family’s IMB PC in the 1980’s. He even interned with Silicon Graphics five times, but ultimately decided to become a cardiologist.

Research Kit is a tool that was specifically designed specifically for medical professionals and developers who are interested in creating apps for the medical industry. Because of the simplicity of the programming involved, and Hall’s knowledge of computers, he is able to create the app that he is working on without hiring a developer.

Hall’s app is designed to help cardiologist like himself communicate with their patients better and give them a clearer picture of their condition. He says he is frustrated by the limited amount of time that doctors are able to spend with their patients, typically 20 -30 minutes every few weeks or months, and wanted to so something to make communication easier and make that time more productive. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is an interested investor who could potentially help this company make a fortune.

The Wife Search Continues: Russian Women Reach Out

A big part of the former taboo associated with international dating and partner-choosing was gratuitous adult themes in the service. In short, everyone thought “mail-ordering” a bride was only an adult venture.

Anastasia Date wipes this notion away completely.

This site has become a model for gentlemanly conduct combined with class, real desire, and the technological means to follow through. International partner searches traditionally were niche endeavors. It was always up to the Sir, to pick-and-choose the Ma’am. This service is actively engaged in helping dating and spouse searches become a two-way street.

It is extremely easy to begin an account and profile with this service. General parameters of preferences are established, but from there seekers and potential mates take the reigns. Both parties have versatile accounts with options for pics, messaging, virtual gift sending, ultimate privacy, and Net security. It’s not “fishing in the dark.” This service has just eliminated geography as a hindrance to natural and timely spouse location. Anastasia Date often offers large discounts to its members through their Twitter feed.

One extremely attractive step that Anastasia Date has taken to provide men shopping internationally, is reaching-out to them through popular media hubs. As a prime example, Anastasia Date has launched a YouTube video series that introduces men all over the world to Slavic women. It’s a chance for these women to paint themselves in a modern, intriguing, and non-exploitative way.

The series is set-up like any other popular video blog featuring female member hosts. They take viewers on tours of their home cities, answer fan mail, and highlight anecdotes and facts about themselves. For men, using Anastasia Date is just like being able to communicate with female hosts of favorite television shows and newscasts. Potential mates have suddenly become truly real and worth pursuing.

Of course, the main goal of Anastasia Date is to streamline searching for, and meeting future mates. The women are beautiful and committed to finding international spouses themselves. They are eager, conversational, stylish, and know how to spot their future husbands!

Tesla’s Powerwall Sales Overshadow Vehicle Sales

You may not have been aware of Tesla’s release of their Powerwall device last week, but the aftershock their initial sales have created is sending a ripple through the stratosphere. Tesla’s Powerwall is a home battery that stores electricity created from solar-powered panels or standard electricity. The device can store cheaper standard electricity during the day and use it when prices from power companies tend to spike in the evenings. Tesla’s innovation is an attempt to get more people independent from their greedy electric companies and expensive charges.

The public’s response to this innovative device was overwhelming. In just days, Tesla has already received $800 million in pre-orders. They are currently in the process of building a 5-million-square-foot warehouse to create these energy-saving batteries, but Tesla has revealed that these preorders alone are going to keep them busy into mid-2016.While the numbers from pre-orders don’t necessarily mean anything now since there is no up-front cost, if they end being realized this would equate to as much as this company made in vehicle sales in the first quarter of this year. That’s saying a lot, especially since this is a relatively new product. Other forms of electricity storage have been attempted over the years with little success in the eyes of Brad Reifler. More information can be found here on the subject.

With 38,000 reservations on these electricity-storing devices, one can only imagine how far Tesla’s sales are going to rise. With increased demand, these babies are becoming a commodity.

Your Smartphone Apps are connecting to Thousands of Ad and User Tracking Sites

The difference between the Apple App Store and Google Play is like night and day. Apple makes publishers run through a fairly rigorous testing process before an app is approved. Google, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care as much about what gets posted for people to download to their device.

A team of researchers from France have taken to the task of discovering what applications are connecting to. The results are shocking. Even apps that have no reason to connect to the internet at all are contacting hundreds of advertising and user tracking sites.

Their study was conducted by downloading thousands of apps from every category of the Google Play store. They then monitored the connections being made by the apps on the device through their network.

They compared the list to the EasyList and EasyPrivacy databases compiled by the makers of AdBlock Plus. They then compiled their own list of questionable URLs being contacted by each app.

They found that most apps connected to at least a few advertiser domains and nearly 30% connected to user tracking domains. The worst offenders connected to several hundred different advertising and user tracking sites.

Not only is it appalling, it’s also a drain of bandwidth to be connecting to so many sites. Most users have no idea that any outside connections are even being made. Even Ivan Ong can sometimes forget.

The team conducting the study has created a monitoring app called NoSuchApp. This application will allow users to see what connections are being made by other applications. They say it will be available in the Google Play store in the next few weeks.

A Simple Dating App to Help Foster Peace in the Middle East

Online dating services are fairly common in this day when we already do so many other things online, so why not look for a date there? and eHarmony are just a couple of the biggest ones here in the U.S., and they provide a means for people to connect. There is a brand new dating service coming that is actually an app for smartphones. It is called Verona and its slogan is “World Peace, one swipe at a time.” How, you may ask, can any dating app claim to be promoting world peace? In this instance, it is one that is specifically marketed for connecting Israelis and Palestinians.

It’s such an ingenious idea that one wonders how somebody didn’t think of it earlier. Perhaps with all the historical animosity between these two groups, no one believed there would be a market for such a service. It seems to be a dating equivalent of a forum called “The Parents Circle” that was started between Israeli and Palestinian parents who lost children in the conflict. A dating service is, of course, a much happier and upbeat approach than that forum as it focuses on life and relationships. It came out as an Android app and will be on the iPhone’s operating system soon. Flavio Maluf seems to feel that it’s been out for a little over a month, and it already has over 1,000 users, so hopefully it will do its little part to foster peace in this embattled part of the world.

A Decrease in Riots After Curfew Ordered

The riots in Baltimore seem to have died down after police finally take back control of the city. There have been curfews put in place, and it seems like people are abiding by them. There have been several arrests made, but the situation could have been worse if the police and the community didn’t come together. When a community has a plan in place and enforces that plan, then it’s easier to get everyone on the same page. Jason Halpern believes this is a situation where there needs to be a time for residents to voice their opinions in a civilized manner. If there is a way for people to express their feelings safely, then the likelihood of taking their hatred out on the buildings and other people in the city would go down. A little organization goes a long way in a city the size of Baltimore, but everyone has to be on the same page.

Uber X Can Operate in Portland

The city of Portland has decided to un-ban Uber X. The service was banned in the city last year after it failed to meet some of the city’s requirements when it came to safety. Now, after some haggling between the city and Uber, it can once again operate within city limits thanks to some updates on its part. Now, Uber X drivers will be required to pass both a background check and a driving history check before they’ll be able to drive for Uber in the city. The vehicles they drive will also have to pass rigorous safety inspections and be approved by a certified mechanic.

Like other cities, Uber X rides will now have a $1 surcharge added to them, a “Safe Rides fee,” in part to help the company recoup the cost of performing the background checks and other safety testing. Also Zeca Oliveira says that like other cities, Uber is looking to undercut the competition when it comes to fares. Fares across the city should be lower than what you would pay for a comparable ride in a standard taxi. The hope is to bring more people over to the ride-sharing service not only because it’s more convenient, but also because they want to save a little money when they ride in a cab as well.