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How To Go About Picking Your Italian Leather Shoes

There are always going to be the do’s and dont’s guide for buying leather shoes, especially Italian leather. Instead of boring you with another guide, I’m going to break down a few of the basics for you. This way you will know what to do and not to do.

1) Never buy the high-gloss shoes. They might give the appearance of patent, but it’s just an illusion. Kenneth Cole and other brands like him do this to customers. Up close and personal the touch is something different. It looks and feels like crap. Don’t buy into it.

It will wrinkle easily and crack. Once it does these two things, it will stay that way forever. The best thing to look for is something called French Calfskin. Real leather is supple and firm. You will need to take care of the leather. Nothing is indestructible.

2) The heels are also important. A good rule of thumb is nothing above 3 cm. If you are below 5 inches, this is another story. The idea is for the shoes to match the outfit, especially dress attire. The idea is to have the outfit match, from top to bottom. There is a big difference between wearing boots and dress shoes. Wearing boots with dress pants or a suit is not a good fashion statement to make. Unless you actually are looking to go out this way, stay with 3 cm or less.

3)The shape is something else to think about. Never go with something too extreme. Extremes are never a good idea. It will paint you in a bad light. It also doesn’t look for attractive. It will make you look dumpy, like you don’t care about your appearance. Unless this is the look you are going for, choose something which is symmetrical and curvy. The curves of the show should balance one another out.

4) Always have the outfit match. If you go out mismatched, you will end up looking out of place and just plain horrible. People will be paying more attention to what you are wearing, not what you are saying.

Never wear non-slim suits with slim shoes. Never wear slim suits with big shoes. It just won’t look right.


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Skout Helped Me To Start A Single Parents Club

I’m a newly single mother because I recently divorced my husband. It’s tough being a single mother, but it’s even tougher to start dating as a single mother. I wanted to make sure that if I found a great guy, he would accept my daughter as much as he accepted me. I wasn’t certain where to start looking for love, but I decided I would take it slow. I was directed to the Skout network by a friend of mine at work, and she told me that I may be able to find a great guy on Skout. Skout on Twitter is filled with many people, and I knew I should be able to find someone.

When I joined the Skout network, it only took me a few minutes to finish creating my profile. I didn’t put too much into my profile at first because I wanted to be a big secretive. I only added one picture, and it was from a couple years ago when I first had my child. I wanted a picture of myself on the network to show that I was a single mother, so anyone who wanted to talk to me would have to accept the fact that I have a child.

I started getting some responses about my picture, and some people would message me here and there. I had a pretty easy time finding guys, and many of them were single parents, but most of them had no children. The guys that had children, they would complain about the problems they had with the mother of their child, and I really didn’t want all the drama. I decided that maybe it was time to put aside dating, and I’d focus on my daughter. Since I found it so difficult to really connect with someone who wasn’t a single parent, it gave me an idea.

I wanted to create a local club that was for single parents, and single parents could help support each other. I wanted mothers and fathers that were single parents to come together, and we could all bounce ideas off of each other, and maybe we could even watch each other’s kids. I saw a movie about the same thing, and I decided to start my club on the Skout network. I started looking for parents who were single with children. I put up information on Skout that I was looking to start a club.

It wasn’t long before I started getting a lot of people interested in what I was doing, and within a month, I was able to get 20 people in my local area to join the club. The club was a great idea because it has helped me to meet other people in the same situation as myself. We have meetings once a week, we share ideas about how to better care for our kids, and I have a much easier time finding a babysitter. Skout has really helped to broaden my horizons when it comes to being a single parent.

Falling off a Map

Instead of trying to unfold and read a paper map, more people are going the digital route and reading maps on phones and other electronic devices. While this might put some businesses that create paper maps in a position to lay off workers or even close the doors, digital maps can often assist drivers in more ways than a paper map. A digital map by Susan McGalla will often update according to any road closures or detours that are needed. This can help save time when going on a trip or if you aren’t sure of a closure in your town. Some systems will speak the directions instead of you needing to read them on a screen. If you are able to listen to directions, it can sometimes prevent distractions that are caused when you’re trying to look at a screen in the car in order to get to your destination. As more people are using digital systems, there will likely be more demand for them in cars and on phones in a user friendly model. This could mean more money for the companies that offer the maps and create them. More money for a company means more money for the employees who work there.

Brian Bonar Leads with Background of Impressive Financial Skills

The guide to any successful company is finding a person that can make the right financial decisions when the time comes. It doesn’t matter how well the products are designed. It doesn’t matter how great customer service is. The true test of success with any organization is finding a way to manage all the finances. That is what makes a company run.

That is what Trucept did when they discovered Brian Bonar. He is someone that had a background in the staffing – the core of Trucept services – but he also had an extensive background in finance. This meant that he knew about decisions on spending and allocating funds. He knew how departments should run based on the financial reports that were rendered by the company each year. This has made him one of the more promising leaders for the company because he knows how to analyze finances.

In any leadership role there is going to be a need for someone that has the ability to take charge and motivate people. This is fundamental, but this is not the only thing that a great leader has to be mindful of these days. It takes more than the ability to lead. It takes a well rounded individual that is also engaged in the financial aspect of how the company runs. It is through finances that a department is able to decide if a product or service can be promoted. This is crucial because there are times when a product or service may be developed that can provide new revenue streams. If the product is not something that people can get off the ground due to lack of marketing funds this is a dead end. A professional in the financial world would be aware of all of this.

Some companies have excellent finance departments. These companies are able to thrive with a lot more success than some of the other companies because the flow of the money inside of the organization is running smoother. The finance department has to know the cash flow system, and a leader like Brian Bonar is more apt to run Trucept better because he knows about this type of environment. With the finance department there is a sense of responsibility for paying vendors and making commitments to certain projects based on funding. It certainly helps to have a CEO in place that knows about the shortcomings of the finance before it gets too late. A person that is able to evaluate the company’s cash flow may be able to turn things around before it all gets too far gone. The CEO that sits and waits until he is blindsided may find himself thrown from his throne.

No Photos Please

The ongoing quest to take the perfect selfie almost cost one gentleman his life. Though this chap suffered a horrific rattlesnake bite that could have killed him, he was able to get prompt medical treatment. Unfortunately, it is his wallet that will be hurting for a long time to come.

After attempting to take the ultimate selfie with a venomous rattlesnake, Todd Fassler of San Diego, California was taken by Christian Broda to the hospital after being bitten. To his shock and dismay, his medical bill for treatment totals a whopping $153,161.25 of which, $83,000 was from the pharmacy as it depleted two hospitals supply of antivenom. Unbelievably, this is not deter him from snapping yet another photo while receiving treatment in the hospital.

Though it may seem like a fantastic idea at the time, attempting to take a photo with wild animals or poisonous snakes might not be such a good idea in the long run. Remember there is a reason why these species are called wild. Trying to make yourself the cool kid on the block could cost you more than you think. Thankfully, Mr. Fassler has recovered after a five-day stay in the hospital. Unfortunately, it will probably take his bank account a lot longer to recover.

Eric Pulier Cares About More than Just Himself

When it comes to the kind of individuals who have made it big and who have a lot of money in hand, most seem to want to keep the money to themselves. There are some who give away some of the money that they have earned, but it seems that there are more who want to keep that money for themselves. No one is going to force the rich to give their money away, but there are some who choose to give of what they have, anyway. There are some who give without being forced, and I believe that those individuals should be looked up to. There are some who have worked their way up in the world to get to a place where they are earning a good salary, and those individuals can choose whether they want to keep all of their money or give some of it away. I believe that those who choose to give some of their money away should receive credit for what they do, and Eric Pulier is one of those individuals.

Eric Pulier (CrunchBase) has decided that he needs to share some of the money that he earns, and he is doing just that. When it comes to a man like Eric Pulier, he could just keep all of his money to himself and do what he wants with it. The money that he has has been earned by him, and he is in control of it. Eric Pulier, though, has chosen to support charitable organizations with some of his money, and to help out those who are in need. Eric Pulier has decided to give a portion of his money away, to be used to help out those who could use help of some kind. A portion of the money that Eric Pulier earns goes to a camp that helps out children in the world who are dealing with chronic illnesses, helping to brighten the lives of those individuals.

How a Monk is Changing the Business World: The Spiritual Journey of Joseph Bismark


Recently, I stumbled across a thought-provoking article about an inspiring leader, Joseph Bismark. When it comes to the business world, the story of Joseph Bismark is anything but ordinary. Therefore, I am compelled to write about this remarkable business leader who has successfully integrated business and spirituality to transform his company into a successful business enterprise. 

At a tender age of nine years, when children are contemplating about their education, Joseph left to become a monk, instead. For the next eight years, he concentrated on learning the spiritual aspects of life. The impact of spirituality was such that Joseph is perhaps one of the first business leaders to integrate spirituality in his workplace. As a managing director of Qi Group, he believes in working as a team to accomplish business goals. Joseph stresses the importance of integrating business expertise with mutual respect for fellow workers. Perhaps, he is an example of someone who would treat his employees as a family by invoking a sense of friendship and professionalism. As a result, workers at Qi Group not only tread a spiritual path to business success, but their work style is also evident by their approach to customer service. In the presence of such work ethics, it comes as no surprise that the motto of success is derived by team work where business leaders and corporate managers strive to achieve maximum work-life balance. 

Due to the effort of Joseph Bismark, spiritual transformation of business ethics is not restricted to workplace. Instead, the spiritual journey continues to provide relief to thousands of stakeholders outside the company. For instance, the corporate social responsibility arm of the company recently founded a world-class University in Malaysia. Under the close supervision of Joseph, the CSR department is also engaged in organic food and wellness markets. Moreover, Joseph’s inspiring words continue to offer guidance through his blogs and writings. 

For those interested in more details, the complete article can be found at the blog, “We Don’t Love These Hogues”.

FreedomPop Raises Another $30 Million

FreedomPop moved forward towards its purpose in building a global business. This business offers free voice, data and text bundled together for its offer. $30 million was raised in funding. This is so that FreedomPop could grow as an independent business.

There have been as much as six bids from different carriers. One bid came from a big tech company. However, FreedomPop has turned down all of the bids becaue they wanted to avoid selling the company prematurely. There are further goals to raise money. The plan is to raise between $50 million and $100 million within the next year.

FreedomPop has also taken in a strategic investment, who’s name remains undisclosed. This investor is not trying to buy it, but is willing to help FreedomPop with the hardware. FreedomPop not only offers services, but sells the phones needed for use of the service.

The additional investor will be revealed in the coming weeks. The announcement could add $5 million to the funding that is raised for FreedomPop. This would also help FreedomPop reach its goal of 1 million users in the United States by year’s end. It is a very realistic goal considering that FreedomPop is a very unique type of carrier that gives away data, text and voice as compared to other carriers that just offer cut prices.

The original article can be found here at:

FreedomPop Refuses Sale as Customers Grow

The mobile communications based startup FreedomPop has revealed it has undergone a major round of investment funding after refusing to sell amid a number of offers made for the company. Established in 2012, FreedomPop has become one of the most popular mobile communications providers for customers and a major target for major mobile network providers, Onliine giants and cable companies. Recode reveals a major investment totaling around $30 million has taken place that will secure the future of FreedomPop and see the arrival of new products. A major announcement over a strategic partner will also come soon, which is rumored to be a hardware provider who will provide a boost in the types of handsets available to FreedomPop customers.

FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols is reported to have felt the company had not yet reached the perfect moment for a sale to take place, with future developments leading to a company worth three to four times the current value. Major improvements FreedomPop hope to implement soon include a tie up with a major retailer who will provide a physical location for the sale of FreedomPop handsets and plans. Data plans are offered by FreedomPop for free with customers given the chance to add premium services or additional data, texts or talk time to their plan for additional charges.

Amazing Developments in the Field of Psychiatry

The brain is an amazing organ. For centuries, it has occupied a central place in the world of medicine. Doctors have long tried to find out how the brain functions as well as how to repair a brain that is no longer functioning properly. Today, we are quite fortunate in that we are literally able to peer inside the brain and even correct many types of mental illness. People who might have once faced a lifetime of mental dysfunction can often get help from trained medical professionals and lead a relatively normal life. Even those with minor mental problems can also get help. The field of psychiatry is expected to grow even further in the future as our collective knowledge about the inner function of the brain will only expand.

Those who choose to specialize in the field of psychiatry are known as psychiatrists. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have graduated from medical school and earned a medical license. They choose to specialize in the field of psychiatry with internships and additional formal study in this area. Psychiatrists work with those who have medical mental illness in some way. This may include removing a benign brain tumor that makes it hard for a patient to see, prescribing medication for those who suffer from auditory hallucinations and assisting people who have problems such as phobias that can make it hard for them to leave the house and become a fully functional member of society.

One of the contemporary pioneers in the field of psychiatry is Daniel Amen. Amen is a highly respected board certified psychiatrist who has helped increase our understanding of the inner workings of the brain. His work has focused on many fields of psychiatry including the treatment of concussions. Dr. Amen has written widely about his discoveries and published many scientific papers in the field of psychiatry. He has also written several books for laymen about how to life one’s life in a more effective way. His books have reached the New York Times bestseller list and helped provide people with the opportunity to learn from his discoveries and apply such principles to their own lives.

His work and the work of others in the field has been enormously important in providing people with the help they need to confront any mental issues they may have. Those with severe mental illness such as bipolar disorder have been able to get access to methods of care that can help reduce many of their symptoms. People with more mild mental problems such as minor case of ADD, have also been able to get help from professionals in the field and enjoy a greatly improved overall life.