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Handy Cleaning Services Provides Quality Cleaning from Professionals

Over the years I have discovered that Handy Cleaning Services is one of the most valuable resources for homeowners. This company has become a multi-million dollar organization in a very short time span. I took notice of this company after reading an article about this organization in Forbes magazine. I was impressed with the article and the diligence of the founders of this organization. It became evident to me that the founders of this organization would be dedicated to providing superior cleaning services. I can say personally from using handy cleaning services that this is definitely the case. The people that work for Handy Cleaning Services are polite and respectable. They know their jobs and they perform with pride.

Another thing that I like about handy cleaning services is that there are other services that you can schedule. If you are in need of someone to repair your air-conditioner Handy is available. If there is a need for a plumber this is also a service is that this company can handle. There are even people in place that are able to do interior painting. This makes Handy Cleaning Services a valued asset to homeowners across the world. I make a point to schedule cleaning services with this organization on a monthly basis.

It has become a joy to discover the extra time that I can spend with family now that I have help with cleaning my home. It may be one of the wisest uses for my money in terms of maximizing my time. I’ve always thought that it would not be something that I could afford. When I schedule my initial cleaning I wasn’t sure if I would be able to afford any service on a regular basis. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this service was something that I could actually afford. I have found that it is actually within the same price range as many of the other competing cleaning services that are out there. This is why I would recommend this service to anyone that needs more time to spend with their family or by themselves. Anyone that has a need for more free time in their lives should really consider the benefits that come with having a professional cleaning service at your disposal.

To say that this makes life easier is an understatement. The thing that is so great about Handy Cleaning Services is the thoroughness that their employees have when they come to the home. I have been known to do a lot of spot cleaning in my time because my time is limited. When I hire an outsourced professional to come in I noticed that the work is much more thorough. I believe that these contract workers do a much better job than I can because this is their specialty. They have trained for this. I am willing to pay for someone that specializes in quality cleaning, and this is what I have found with Handy cleaning services every time I called.

The Online Social

Humans are social creatures. They have to be social so that the species could survive. Even with the computer and the Internet, people have shown their social nature. This has resulted in social media. Before social media there were forums and chat rooms that people could participate in. This has eventually gave way to sites like MySpace and Facebook. Shortly after there were plenty of other types of social media which involved people uploading content like images and videos. Then eventually, a social network was invented for people to meet up at different places. This social media platform is Skout.

Skout allows people to get together in person. It is also good for people that travel to meet up with the local community. Skout is also good for dating. Many people meet up and mingle on the social network so that they can set up a date with any profile that they are interested in. There are plenty of other activities that users could participate in. Skout takes social networking to a further level. It has been designed for the purpose of meeting people as opposed to just chatting online. After all, text conversations can get rather confusing. The mood can get mistaken which is one of the reasons why it is preferable to meet in person.

The creators of Skout have provided a social network with many features. Unlike other social networks, many people that meet through Skout wind up meeting in person due to the activities that they can participate in with this site. Most social networks tend to keep the relationship online which provides a limit as to how close people can be as friends. In many cases, the only people that are friends both online and offline at those social networks are people that were knew each other before they started following each other on Facebook. This is where Skout differs. Skout often connects online friends in person.

Since Skout is a site for travelers, it helps set people up with activities to do in different cities or towns that they are visiting. If they have any pen pals or friends in the local area, they could meet up and do some activities together. There are tons of fun events and activities they could be a part of depending on the area that they are in. It also depends on their interests. If two people share some of the same interests and love of activities, they could perhaps have an easier time getting to know each other. If nothing else, they could take a tour of the area that they are meeting in.

John Textor: The Next Person to Watch

Featured in the production and digital effects of at least 80 full length feature films so far, John Textor can be considered a serious force in the visual effects arena. His extensive professional career includes such highlights as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and Transformers, Flags of our Fathers while in place as the Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions. While acting as Chairman and CEO, Textor successfully transitioned the company to one capable of producing award winning visual and digital effects. Under Textor’s guidance from May of 2006 to August of 2012, Digital Domain won multiple high profile awards, including Academy Awards and Clio advertising awards. In additon to the Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects, Digital Domain also went on to receive BAFTA Awards, AICP Awards, and multiple VES Awards for their work on prominent motion pictures.

Perhaps the greatest achievement that John Textor has earned is the Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in 2008. This award was presented to Textor and Digital Domain, because they were the first company that was able to successfully create a digital human actor that was believable from a viewer’s perspective. The digital version of Benjamin Button was featured for a full hour of the film’s total 2 hour and 46 minute playtime, but was so convincing that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was awarded an Academy Award for Best Make-Up as well. Continuing this solid digital career, John Textor continued to produce amazingly realistic digital performances featuring musicians who have already passed. He is responsible for the digital performances of Elvis Presley, Tupac Shakur, and Michael Jackson.

In an effort to create a lasting influence in the digital media world, Textor has worked with Florida State University to launch the incredibly successful Bachelor’s program for students interested in pursuing a Digital Media Production Degree. This program guides students along an educational pathway designed to provide the the tools for a successful digital media career. Textor is a great supporter of Media Production Courses and has worked with Florida State University to create a detailed undergraduate program.

John Textor has been and continues to be a great innovator in the world of digital media. Offering his unique perspective, he has created a new way for media to be presented.

Skout’s Travel Feature

Skout is the world’s largest global platform for social networking and dating. Skout makes use of a mobile phone application and is unique based on the fact that is a location-based networking app. It makes use of global positioning systems to facilitate users to find one another. Because of security reasons and Skout’s Privacy Policy, the app only shares the general location in which a person is and not their specific location. Skout also allows users who do not wish to share their location to disable the location tracking aspect of its application.

In 2014, Skout introduced Skout Travel, a feature that allows its users to connect directly with locals in over 180 different countries. Users of this feature can go on virtual excursions on the app and meet locals in their destinations of interest 24 hours a day. Since its introduction, Skout Travel has been used by more than 10 million Skout members across the globe.

The travel feature is easy to use, all a Skout member has to do is click an airplane icon on the apps ‘meet page’ and they can begin their virtual journey. Users can search or select a destination of their choice anywhere on the planet, and they are immediately directly connected. Once a connection to certain destination has been established, users can initiate conversations with Skout members in those locations.
The use of Skout Travel has enabled many users to plan actual journeys to these destinations with the help of locals they connect with through the app. The main demographic of users who have turned their virtual trips into reality is of young adults and college going students. In most cases, these users go for their actual trips accompanied by people they met through the Skout app.

According to Skout, women use the travel feature twice as much as their male counterparts. In the United States, areas in the coastal regions such as Miami, San Francisco, Seattle and New York top the list of the most frequent places visited by Skout users. Hong Kong topped the list of the single most preferred international destination for Skout users.

Initially, Skout’s was created as an app for users who wanted to connect with friends in different cities. However, it has gone beyond this mission and become very successful in helping people who are planning trips, but have no contacts in their destination cities. In celebration of their milestone achievement of going beyond 10 million journeys on their travel app, Skout offered its users free access to the travel feature for 48 hours. Usually the travel feature that costs users 25 Skout Points every time they take a virtual tour.

Skout is a unique app for social networking. The Skout application is free to download through Google Play or App Store and is available in 14 different languages. However, some of its in-app features may cost ‘Skout Points’. The app is compatible with Android, Windows Mobile, and IOS. Since the introduction of the application, life for travellers and those looking for a lover, has been easy.

How Skout has Improved the Dating Experience

With increasing need for applications that can ease the way people connect, more companies have invested in this gap. This has resulted to the occurrence of changes in the way people find love, with new websites and applications coming into place to ease the struggle. Finding love online is not something new to many, but there are modern platforms that have improved the overall experience thereby making it easier to get the right person. Skout has not been left out as a leading developer of dating applications. They have created a dating platform that links users from different parts of the world. This has not been the only initiative Skout has implemented. There is a well designed website that offers users even more features and has been identified as one of the most flexible platforms for people who are searching for love.

Skouts has gained popularity within a very short while owing to the fact that they offer massive features that have helped make the platform better with time. Simplicity and speed are issues that have been addressed to ensure users get a better experience using the system. It is easily accessible through mobile devices and is created to offer compatibility for both Android devices as well as iOS gadgets. Skout software is not large and is easy to install. Once installed, one can easily sign up for an account in the system to enjoy the benefits offered on the platform. Skout is designed to offer convenience, so there are no chances that the application may contribute to slowing down of the gadget being used.

Sharing details is also easy with this application. It offers users an amazing way of expressing their feelings through virtual gifts and options that allow for photo sharing. It is necessary to note the fact that Skout offers all these features with security in mind. All details that are exchanged between members are kept secret and no other person other than those involved in a conversation can gain access to such data. This has helped to make the platform more secure as there are no chances unauthorized parties may access personal data from users. Skout has also invested in a plan that seeks to educate new members about sharing their details as well as the policies that apply to the use of the platform. Most importantly, they have encrypted the system to ensure no hacking attempts can succeed.

To ensure the person on the other end us genuine, one can schedule a video call. Just like on any other website, scammers may join Skout in the pretext they are looking for someone for a serious relationship. This may trigger some unsuspecting users to offer details that may be used maliciously. Therefore, before accepting to move on with someone, one is advised to take all measures necessary to verify all details provided by the other person before a meet-up is scheduled. Meeting with someone after a short while may lead to regrettable scenarios, and this is something Skout has always advised on.

Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson, a renowned philanthropist and former owner of the NBA team, is a refined business man, who has invested in many fields, offering massive openings for many. His successful career saw him serve as the Hawks’ Governor on the Board of Governors of the NBA from 2004. He has worked in various sectors in the porting industry, showing massive energy and ability to man different departments by offering invaluable guidance and coming up with viable strategies.

Bruce was born in Washington D.C., to a Jewish family. He spent most of his childhood in Meryland before he later joined the Washington University. He also attended the American University, where he graduated with a degree in Law. While at the American University, Bruce Levenson joined the Washington Star, where he would gain skills in journalism.

In 1977, Forbes’ Levenson and his friend Ed Peskowitz established the United Communications Group, which was publishing newsletters and the company was based in Levenson’s apartment. They published newsletters that focused on the oil industry and the many changes that occurred each day. Later the same year, they launched other databases to accommodate Oil Price Information Services (OPIS). The company has expanded and today covers other industries, where business people can find invaluable information about the markets.

The company, with the effort of Bruce Levenson, launched a mobile application (GasBuddy), which helps drivers to locate local gas prices that are low. Therefore, his effort to improve the transport industry has been manifested in many ways including offering regular updates on price changes and areas where drivers can find affordable rates for gas.

Apart from establishing a successful company, Bruce Levenson has also offered invaluable advice to BIA Digital Partners, which operates as an equity firm that is privately owned. He has enabled them to make decisions that have helped to keep the company competitive and strong in the market. It is also necessary to appreciate Levenson’s contributions towards the establishment of Tech Target, which is an established technology firm. He served as the director from the time it was founded in 1999 until 2012. His legacy and effort can be felt to date as he made sure at his time of exit he left the company strong enough after laying a strong foundation that would see it perform better in later years.

His skills and zeal to lead has been extended in philanthropy, where he has actively participated in various philanthropic organizations. Bruce Levenson has been a member of the Community Foundation of Washington, and he also headed the I Have a Dream Foundation, which was established with the sole aim to offer children from low-income families to access higher education. He also assisted in the foundation of the U.S. Holocaust Museum to help train city students how to offer guide at the museum. His good heart has also been witnessed in establishment of the Center for Philanthropy, an organization that was set up in the University of Maryland, with the objective to raise money to help students to learn how to manage non-profit organizations.

Fight for Your Right to Look Hot

With the creation of the vastly popular, notoriously feminine Lime Crime Cosmetics brand, Eastern European makeup mogul and entrepreneur Doe Deere on observer has chosen to follow a completely different path than that of her predecessors. With an extensive line of makeup that is whimsical, magical, exotic and exuberant, she has carved out a very unique niche for herself as one of the world’s leading makeup brand that focuses on girly, feminine and fluorescent colors.

There has always been a problem that exists with assorted cosmetic lines. In the Ukraine, where Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics was raised, women outnumber men 3/2, which means that every woman has to look her absolute finest in order to have a boyfriend, let alone marry or even have a random hookup in a nightclub. As a girl, there are different things that can give her and edge when it comes to being very attractive. In Eastern Europe, there is a huge club scene that stems from very girly pop music. Now, in America, if a guy is in a club that is playing very girly pop music, he is probably labeled a girl in a guy’s body, yet in Eastern Europe, it is femininity that is the driving force behind the culture behind the club scene and the fun that thrives behind the super sensual culture.

In the American culture, it is almost forbidden for a woman to look to beautiful in makeup or wear makeup in a variety of tropical colors, hence why Lime Crime was invented in the first place. I want to ponder the following set of facts: girls who are very soft, feminine and fair-skinned typically look very attractive in makeups that are more bright and pastel, while girls with a more golden brown skin tone typically look more attractive in warmer and muted colors. In society, is practically a crime to make a very soft girl even softer and more feminine. Well never fear, the creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics chose to do just that by creating a pallet that typically looks very attractive on most Russian girls because, for the most part, they are typically very fair skinned.

There is a certain attitude that goes along with the rebellious bubblegum pop movement that you usually see in countries like Russia and Ukraine. What you’ll see or notice is that all of the cool people are hanging out in the clubs that are playing Barbie girl, whereas in America this just doesn’t happen.

Typically, what you’ll notice is that the majority of cosmetics companies cater very heavily to darker and more muted tones and because of this, there is a huge color gap that is missing, and is often filled by cheap, dollar store cosmetics that cater to brighter colors. While most companies cater to just a few colors, Lime Crime Cosmetics focuses on creating an entire selection of colors to complement this party lifestyle that Lime Crime Cosmetics and Doe Deere are advocates for.

Pulse Evolution Gets Ready to be Listed and Announces 2nd Quarter Financial Results

Pulse Evolution Corporation has just released results for its 2nd fiscal quarter ending in December 31, 2014. The corporation is well known as the pioneer in the development of hyper-realistic digital humans for virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and holographic performances. Alongside the release, the company also announced that it was planning to file an S-1 registration statement in addition to the required 2015 financials. This is in connection to an underwritten public offering that consist an up listing to a national stock exchange.

John Textor the Executive Chairman of the company commented on the announcements. He stated that the company was really pleased. This is in relation to the technology and business outcomes in the early development stages. He also said that the company had established itself quickly as a market leader in creating hyper realistic digital humans for a variety of applications. All the investment efforts are from a committed group of strategic investors who have positioned the company to be leader. IMDB shows that this is in the development of interesting new forms of entertainment and pioneer in emerging industries of artificial intelligence and virtual reality that are powerful.

The total returns of the period ending December 31, 2014 were $3,452,673 and $7,024,761 for the three and six months respectively. The Net loss for the same period was $3,292,373 which represents $0.03 per share and $6,511,536 that represents $0.05 per share. It is attributed to the common shareholders. The sale of the common and preferred stock that was sold in connection to the separate strategic partners was $5,020,000.

Much of the company’s operating expenses go to digital assets, entertainment, and technology properties. This is due to revenue sharing agreements with the estates of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Marilyn Monroe. So far, the company has taken the option of building the principal character assets, developing the company’s future market technologies and developing related shows. It has also listed on OTC Markets to offer a linked security to European Depository Receipts. Mr. Textor says the company is looking forward to the next step in its development.

John Textor is the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. He has led in the production of big name digital productions like the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and Transformers. He has a rich Executive experience having been the Chairman and CEO of Sims Snowboards and being the founder of Lydian Trust Company/ Virtual He won an Academy Award in 2009 for his work in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Get The Items That You Need In No Time

Slyce offers its customers the most advanced technology when it comes to visual search through the Slyce platform and recognition fields. Visual searching is the age of the future when it comes to different ways to do searches. Many people are used to going on to their Internet and doing searches for certain items that they may want. Unfortunately they may find that the item that they are looking for is a lot more difficult to find then they may have originally thought. They may see an amazing dress, a pair of shoes, or an outfit that they absolutely love. They may even take a picture of that outfit because it is so eye-catching, but to actually be able to find the exact item that they are looking for can be more difficult than they may have originally expected.

Many people may not have heard of a visual search and recognition field, but it is something that is sure to be in the now as time goes on. A visual search is a way for an individual to snap a picture of an item that they are interested in purchasing, and within no time they will be directed to the website where they can purchase that item. The great thing about a visual search engine is that a person has the opportunity to get an item that they want without any fuss. They don’t have to spend time searching through pages of items that they are not looking for only to finally find the one that they want. With this visual search technology they can go straight to that very item and order it with the tap of a finger.

Slyce is one of the main companies that deals with visual technology. They are a Toronto-based company that is making news all across the world. They produce several different services, products and applications in order to help their clients to get the items that they want as soon as they want them. This state-of-the-art technology was developed with the consumer in mind, and it truly is a very useful app. All that a person has to do is download the app to their mobile device, and within no time they can be on their way to purchasing the items that they want.

Ownership Change for the Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks franchise is in lengthy talks to sell the franchise together with the Philips Arena. The talks had got into a seventh month period with the deadline being April 10th approaching swiftly. The Atlanta-based NBA team is part of Southeast Division league of the Eastern Conference. The team’s home games are played at Philips Arena, and it was up for sale together with the franchise.

The team, which has the second-longest drought of not winning the NBA championship in 57 seasons behind only Sacramento Kings. On April 22nd, the Atlanta Hawks former owners were in advanced talks in the sale of the club to a group led by billionaire equity and trust investment executive Antony Ressler. The Ressler’s group included Grant Hill, former NBA player, Jesse Itzler, co-founder of Marquis Jet. They were in buying the franchise from the ownership of Bruce Levenson, Michael Gearon Jr., among other investors for $850 million. Ressler’s group also included Itzer’s wife and Spanx founder Sara Blakely, Rice partner Rick Schnall, Clayton Dubilier and BTIG co-founder, Steven Starker.

In last year October, the bankers hired by Bruce Levenson had overvalued the NBA team by up to 27%. Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports were employed by Levenson to sell the Hawks and its operating rights to Philips Arena. They had valued the team to be $1 billion together with the arena’s operating rights. However, Ressler’s group won the winning bid beating the contending team led by Grizzlies minority owner Steve Kaplan, Erick Thohir, an Indonesian billionaire and Handy Poernomo as well as former CEO of Grizzlies Jason Levien. Ressler had previously tried to buy Los Angeles Clippers, but the group’s $1.2 billion bid fell short of the $2 billion purchase price that was set by Steve Ballmer. Forbes had valued Hawks at $425 million last year, but the money injected by the acquisition of Clippers and Bucks changed the market. NBA landed new lucrative television deals that skyrocketed all the franchises’ value.

The 56-year-old Ressler is valued by Forbes to be worth $1.4 billion. With the announcement of Hawks sale by Bruce Levenson of AJC (65), it took seven months for all minority shareholders to agree to sell their bit too. Levenson is an American businessperson and philanthropist. He has served as the Governor of Hawk in the NBA Board of Governors since 2004. He co-founded United Communications Group in 1977 and was on the board of directors that traded TechTarget. The Hawks sale was completed on June 24th, 2015 to Ressler’s team. The mayor of Atlanta promised to include incentives that would keep the team in Atlanta for another 30 years to the prospective owner.