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Skout, A Wonderful Vehicle

I’m not one to boast about my personal triumphs, but I’ll make an exception just this once. You see, I found a special friend recently and as trite as this sounds I think the universe (and an app) played a big part in my life changing. I’m sure there are some of you out there that think like me, everything is possible if you’re in the right place at the right time. Cut to the chase, right place, right time for me. After everything got all warm and fuzzy for me, I did a little digging on TechCrunch to find out more and give an ode to my cupid. If there’s one person out there that reads this and Skout helps them, I’ll feel like I’ve paid it forward. So here’s to you Skout, I never thought I could be this happy.

Skout is a well-known social networking developer which helps people network on social media. The company has a mobile app and website. Interested people sign up, sharing fascinating details, and interesting facts and tidbits about themselves. Skout is a forerunner to other dating apps. This tool is an innovative social device founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstron. According to their Facebook page, Skout is available in over 175 countries and 15 languages. It allows people to find others nearby, or in different locations. Users can chat, meet new people and find distant friends from long ago.

In 2013, Skout tweeted that over 500 million connections were made through their website and app. Users are not disappointed when they go on the website. Fun pictures sent through a camera, or from a gallery reach the people you want to see them. Lost friends are found within minutes, and when new or old friends connect, a chat or voice message is sent. An exquisite feature on the app is connecting with others in foreign countries. A prospect may be far away, but not when you use the Skout app. One feature which stands out is the travel feature. People can meet others while traveling. This is a premium paid feature offered by Skout. This travel feature allows users to meet people in another city while traveling. A person’s profile is shown in the app and website. What you want to illustrate to future friends, is only what you post on the website.

Skort is an exciting tool, which helps people stay in touch even though miles separate them. This company assists individuals in finding dates or future spouses. This company helps those many who have moved to another city, state or country. It also reunites those who are looking for an old friend or attachment. Many workers don’t have the time to initiate social settings, however when they utilize Skout, it helps break the ice. Some people who move across the country feel isolated and separated from friends. Thanks to Skout, men and women can find networking groups for any interest such as businesses, fraternities, church groups, colleges, and any groups which interest you. The company has separate adult and teen communities.

People connect on Skout through the Global Positioning System, GPS. However, I read in the terms of use provided within iTunes that it does not disclose the exact location of the user. At no point is a user’s personal information divulged to private businesses, nor does Skout sell any customer’s information to any company. The GPS is only turned on if the user wants if on and the user can remove or disengage the GPS on their cellphone at any time.

Finally, Skout has wonderful, exciting features like the gifts feature. When friends share gifts, it’s a fun way to communicate with others and show them how you feel about them. In June of this year, the company launched Fuze as a new feature according to Venture Beat. This innovative company is constantly growing, and expanding it’s availability in other countries.

Enjoy the ease, excitement and fun with the Skout mobile app and website. Believe me, you never know who you might meet these days.

NSA Reform Bill Fails in Senate

After years of leaks that demonstrate personal liberty infringements of the National Security Administration, a bill that was written to create limits to its activity was killed in the Senate on Tuesday. The bill was called the USA Freedom Act, and was created by a Democratic Senator. Pushed by civil liberties groups as a necessary restraint on the agency which has been plastered across headlines for its monitoring of American citizens. However the bill did not receive the required 60 votes in the Senate to allow it to continue with debate on the floor. It ended just short with 58 yes votes.
The bill split Senators directly across party lines, with the Senate republican leader whipping votes against and the Obama administration in favor of the bill going through Congress. The Republican rebuttal to the bill was that in the current conflict against ISIS, now is not the time to further restrictions on our intelligence community. The Republican Leader, Mitch McConnell specifically stated that the bill would “upend that delicate balance completely,” referring to the working balance of limitation and protecting our civil liberties. He views the NSA as an organization that takes necessary precautions to protect our citizens.
The House passed a version of the same bill earlier this year, leading many to think that in a Democratic controlled Senate only a few republicans were required to continue its forward momentum. The president was sure to sign it once it passed through Congress, leaving many disappointed at this misstep. Thanks to friend of the site Sam Tabar for sending in this update on American privacy rights.

Goodbye Windows 8, Hello Windows 10

Windows 8 is the currently available Microsoft operating system for download by the public. While it hasn’t been the most popular of their operating systems, a recent string of updates have added back some features which were previously missed.

Good news is that Microsoft has announced that Microsoft 10 will soon be launched. The public will surely be thrilled by the launch of Windows 10. There’s more to the latest Windows than Windows 7.

Microsoft’s flagship Windows 8 was not so popular among its users. It failed to reach the expectation of the majority.

There’s a big difference between the two products, and Windows 10 will surely be appreciated by the Microsoft users. To view the comparison between the two, click on the link here.

A report by e tech website says that people chose to use Windows 7 than the latest upgrade. It’s because Windows 8 is quite impractical. It did not have an essential feature which is different and better than the Windows 7.

There’s really no point of coming up with Windows 8 as some would say. Windows 9 is set to cover on this lapse. The company announced that the year 2015 will be a year for Microsoft 10. Rumour has it that Windows 10 will probably be similar to iOS operating system.

The public will most likely confirm this report next year upon its release.  Either way, I know that Ben Shaoul is looking forward to this, because he hated Windows 8.

Russia Creating Its Own Wikipedia

It an interesting development among the tech industry in Russia, the nation has taken to developing its very own wikipedia as a response to western threats and misleading information

This has happened in a lot of cases, many Russians indeed believe. The Russians decided to create their own online community driven encyclopedia. This would ensure the authenticity of the information held and provided for the Russian people.

This could also be considered as a very important step regarding controlling the media that Russia is claiming to. This could result in an internal conflict regarding censoring the internet and controlling the information the Russian citizens are allowed to believe. Some even believe this could be resurrection of the Stalin’s era of isolation, when people did not believe but what they were allowed to believe.

As Vladimir Putin labeled it, the CIA special project of internet represents a very dangerous means of hacking into the safety and the security of the Russian community, and thus a new internet vision in Russia should be adopted and implemented. It seems highly unlikely that Russia would allow something like FreedomPop with these restrictions.

This would enable the unity of the Russian people and mitigate or even prevent the Russian line from being exposed from within. At the same time comes the Russian bloggers who have at least 3000 followers who were advised to find themselves a place in the new era of technology and the new internet that belongs to the Russians.

Google Glass: Technology Failure?

There has been a lot of discussion on the new, innovative piece of technology created by Google.

The new piece is the Google Glass mechanism that was released last Spring with a wearable computer in eyeglasses. placing news, messages, weather and etc., in their line of vision.

You can spot a lot of Google Glass users in tech-centric states like New York and California. Google invented the idea to help users lessen the use of their hands when completing daily tasks. There are now several functions available for Google Glass in the Google Play store, often used in Android software.

Since Google Glass was released, sales haven’t done as well as anticipated. Developers who have been completing work on Google Glass apps are now suspending their efforts because of the product flop. In an interview with Reuters, a developer spoke on the grim outcome of Google Glass by saying “While Glass may find some specialized, even lucrative, uses in the workplace, its prospects of becoming a consumer hit in the near future are slim, many developers say.”

The failure of Google Glass could always be pinpointed in the way it was introduced through a video to the world, instead of being able to directly purchase, Google released an exclusive invite only program for the eye wear. High profile celebrities like Johnny Knoxville and Terry Richardson and several members of the tech industry were invited, then also put forth $1,500 toward a pre-market version.

Needless to say, Google Glass’ future is looking very short lived.

Anonymous Declares Cyber Warfare on Ku Klux Klan Members in Ferguson

The standoff in Ferguson, Missouri over the shooting of unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown took a new twist with the hacker group Anonymous declaring cyber warfare on a local branch of the Ku Klux Klan, The Independent reports. The hacking group became embroiled in the Ferguson saga after the local branch of the KKK, known as the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, handed out flyer’s to find the best protesters, because they claimed they were terrorists and a sleeping giant had been awakened.

Media expert Igor Cornelsen said that an Australian branch of Anonymous now claims to have taken control of a number of Twitter accounts thought to be linked to the Missouri branch of the Ku Klux Klan and personal accounts of supposed members. Updates and statements on the activities of Anonymous are being provided through the Twitter handle @KuKluxKlanUSA, an account the group says was seized for its role in agitating against the protesters in Ferguson.

A number of other Sites and Websites have been seized that are described as being used by members of the local KKK branch, a series of actions being undertaken alongside a harassment campaign established against alleged members of the KKK. Twitter messages and videos have described how Anonymous plan to remove any items uploaded or posted to the accounts they have seized to halt any further attacks on protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

Alliances Form to Protect Net Neutrality

The debate over regulating the Internet, like you would public utilities, is consuming watercooler talk in Washington as corporate giants meet with FCC representatives to discuss the sale of the Internet’s fast lane.

The closed doors discussion didn’t openly talk about the Title II debate because UPS, Bank Of America, Ford and Visa hardly wish to alienate business partners such as Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast. However, they are all in support of maintaining an open internet to keep commerce flowing according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

A corporate advocacy group that Bruce Levenson showed me, called the Ad Hoc Telecommunications Users Committee, reinforces widespread concerns that Internet providers will exploit that power. Though Ad Hoc finds this unlikely partnership a tad bit strange, they explain that, “Every retailer with an online catalog, every manufacturer with online product specifications, every insurance company with online claims processing, every bank offering online account management, every company with a website–every business in America interacting with its customers online is dependent upon an open Internet.”

Even President Obama is advocating that a stay-at-home mom’s food blog should get the same speed consideration despite the deep pockets of corporations. In a statement Mr. Obama made he said, “I believe the FCC should create a new set of rules protecting net neutrality and ensuring that neither the cable company nor the phone company will be able to act as a gatekeeper…”

Ultimately, the Federal Communications Commission is an independent agency and can do as it pleases, but provisions in the Telecommunications Act will weigh legal websites and mobile usage equally and money flowing.

Kim Kardashian App A Huge Hit

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the entire Kim Kardashian family, but Kim manages to keep the focus on her. The Kim Kasdashian app has made more than $43 million in the first three months.

A lot of people were laughing at the thought of Kim developing an app, but now she seems to be the only one that is laughing with cash. It shows that Kim is a very hard nosed businesswoman.

She has managed to keep herself engaged in a lot of controversy. The new cover for “Paper” magazine has sent people everywhere talking. The nude cover has managed to be a drawing factor that makes people want to see even more of Kim. Her former flame, Ray J, has built an entire career off of the sex tape associated with Kim Kardashian. She has this sort of magic touch that people are intrigued by. This is why so many people have downloaded the app.

More than 23 million users have hopped on board to get a glimpse into the fabulous life of Kim K. Even Andrew Heiberger has tried it out, although he never really got into it. Her sisters have even become famous thanks to her business efforts. The reality show has spun several other reality shows. The apps makes another effort to draw people into her limelight. The reality show apparently is not enough for some people. They are downloading the app so that they can get even closer. This is how Kim Kardashian builds her empire.

Device Shows Veins’ Exact Location

Advancing technologies are making life better. With increasingly evolving medical technologies people are beginning to live longer and far healthier lives

Sometimes, they help solve things in the most unexpected of life’s domains. Those who donate blood will soon notice the nurses using a device that shows where the veins are. The new technology uses infrared light.

Knowing the exact location of the vein will likely make the process less painful for the patient and save some time in the cases of patients with ‘hard to find’ veins, with presents a number of complications when it comes to drawing blood..

The infrared light beams are harmless and veins become visible due to the deoxygenated hemoglobin contained in them that can project.

The Australian Red Cross were the first to test the new device, after which they slowly started to be seen in hospitals and clinics. Demonstration of how the infrared light instrument works are being spread on the internet in the hope that by knowing about the easiness of the process, more people will come to donate blood. It’s amazing how far tech has come, even when compared to something like a Skout dating app.

The modern device is likely to help medicine students in learning to locate veins faster, since they have a modality to check how correct they are. It is non-contact, so the spread of diseases or bacteria is unlikely.

The light in the room where the blood is taken can be bright or dim, and the device will make the veins visible anyway.

New Microsoft Office for iPad, iPhone, and Android is Free

There is no doubt that Microsoft Office is one of the most used word processors in the world. Its compatibility across many different operating systems makes it suitable for any scenario.

Most people would pay anything that Microsoft wants to get the Office suite on their devices. Indeed, the vast majority of people do, as their suite of office programs remains the top selling, seemingly no matter how expensive the programs are slated to be according to Andrew Heiberger.

However, it seems like Microsoft has had a change of heart. The new Microsoft Office for Android, iPad and iPhone has been released and it is free! You do not have to pay anything to get this beautiful piece of software. Get in your app stores and download it now to enjoy the new features.

Microsoft has a plan to get you hooked on using the new Office suite. The new Microsoft Office for mobile devices has an integration of Dropbox. This makes it easy to download your files from Dropbox without paying anything to Microsoft.

This will be ideal for people who are always on the move and would like to edit and publish some content using Microsoft Office. Other than that, you can still use this office suite with OneDrive.

In addition, Microsoft has increased the amount of free space allocated to each user. This is in a bid to temp more users to join Office 365.