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Hashtag No: George Soros is Not Funding Black Lives Matter

In recent weeks, conservative factions have been promoting the notion that investor and liberal billionaire George Soros has been lending financial support to the “Black Lives Matter” movement most likely through his Open Society Foundations.

In a recent article penned by Ben Collins for The Daily Beast publication, efforts by right-wing bloggers and conservative news shows like the The O’Reilly Factor were identified as the groups that have been perpetuating claims that as much as $33 million has been given by Soros to the Black Live Matters (BLM) organization.

In a recent interview by Bill O’Reilly on “The Factor,” Kelly Riddell, an investigative report for The Washington Times, was asked about the possible connection between Soros’s Open Society Foundations and BLM. Her reply was that BLM is “a group that was started by three women that work at Soros-backed organizations that are into community organizing, into kind of riling up activists,” later adding “They are all — all of these organizations, from a certain standpoint are funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I found that within one year, George Soros dedicated $33 million to these types of organizations.”

According to Collin’s article, it would be very difficult to confirm such an amount given the number of branches and sub-organizations that seem to be involved in promoting the BLM agenda. Ken Zimmerman, the director of U.S. programs at Open Society Foundations, confirmed with The Daily Beat the rumors were false. He said “We don’t fund protests, per se.” He further commented “In the way we do our grant making, we are continually looking for new voices. It’s a broad array of things, including both immigration and criminal justice reform.”

On both sides of the issue, there seems to be a lot of politicking being done. The right is interested in painting Soros as the supporter of unpopular causes that are creating upheaval throughout the country. On the left, they seem to be constantly working to keep Soros’s involvement in left-wing politics in the shadows as much as possible due to his known support for Socialism.

George Soros gained much of his wealth in the late 1980s and early 1990s through ownership and management of the highly successful Quantum Fund and later through currency speculation in Europe and Asia.

With his vast financial resources, he began supporting social causes against restrictive governments in South Africa and Eastern Europe. By the late 1980s, he established his Open Society Foundations that now funds projects and causes in over 100 countries. In recent years, he has also been known to provided substantial financial support for politicians that support much of his own personal ideologies.

Soros Prescribes Plan for Refugees


George Soros, billionaire philanthropist and of fame, recently wrote an opinion piece laying out his six pillars of how to deal with the refugee crisis originating in Syria that over recent months has threatened to spiral out of control.

The opinion, found on Marketwatch, likens the current situation in Europe to the tragedy of the commons conundrum. Each member state of the European Union currently runs its own policy towards migrants and refugees, which Soros describes as “expensive, inefficient and produces wildly inconsistent results”. His proposed plan includes six components intended to be implemented simultaneously.

The first part is that the EU should standardize how many refugees it takes in, and fund those refugees at roughly 15,000 euros annually for the first two years. He suggests that the EU take in 1 million refugees annually, spread over the member states.

Second to that is that the EU should take the lead in managing a global fund towards helping those nations a majority of the refugees currently live in; Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. Estimates on how much it takes to clothe and feed refugees reach near 20billion euros, but so far international aid to the crisis only reaches the 1 billion mark, and most of it is directed to Turkey, a NATO member.

The third component is that the EU should develop a singular agency tasked with managing refugees and asylum seekers.

Fourth, establishing safe channels between the Middle East and Europe, Soros says, are going to be the key to making sure refugees remain in the Middle East until they are ready to be processed. If they have hope, he argues, they are more likely to wait their turn instead of risking death making the channel crossings into Greece and Italy.

Fifth on the plan is a proposal to use these standards as a global benchmark, to hopefully test its success in the EU and then expand it to allow all world nations to cooperate in not just the present crisis, but any future ones as well.

The sixth and final component of Soros’ plan is to motivate the private sector into sponsoring migrants. He cites churches, NGOs, and businesses as candidates for sponsoring migrants who would be compensated by the state for managing the more day-to-day affairs a refugee would need help with as guides in the new countries.

Soros may seem an odd voice in this debate, currently living in New York and ranked 16 on the Forbes 400. But Soros was himself a refugee as a teenager, fleeing his home country of Hungary when it was under communist rule. He specifically calls out Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s refugee plan as lacking human decency.

Sender and Realists

I am a born organizer, and it is in this manner that I approach art. I am into realism, but I also consider traditional impressionism, realism also. I actually feel that the great impressionist were attempting to add in elements to their realism that could match the ever-changing scenery. Because of outside forces, every time that a person physically views a scene, it changes. It can be wind, the changing sun, clouds, the changing time of day and many other forces that these artist attempted to feature in their works to best replicate the actual look at that one moment in time with varying degrees of success. If you view the famous impressionistic pieces Lilies, when you first enter the room and are the farthest from the painting, it looks exactly like a physical scene. It is only when it is viewed more closely, that the flaws become apparent. However, they are not flaws at all, they are the masterful effects that have to be viewed from afar to appreciate.

I try to incorporate these features into my art as well as some hyper-realistic features in the never ending attempt of all realist artists to replicate the things that they see perfectly. It is exactly like taking a portrait but in slow motion. This does not require concentration. In fact, it seems the opposite to concentrating. Concentration requires too much control to produce art in that way. Once I am able to let go and paint the subject in front of me in whatever manner that achieves that goal, I am able to achieve more successful works. I also position the paintings in showings like the museum directors position the large, great impressionistic works of art. I can judge the successfulness of the work by the amount of pause and surprise that is on the faces of the viewers when they turn into a room in which one of my impressionistic features is displayed. It is its own little reward that I keep to myself.

Recently, there has been a great interest in my paintings. The interest is derived from some recent occurrences in the contemporary art world, and my work is loosely considered contemporary art. Because of this, I have received interest from patrons that are seeking to replicate the recent actions of noted investor and art collector Adam Sender. Sender sent the interest in contemporary art through the roof in the last few years when he sold his large, expensive collection of contemporary art to the open market. It was one of those deft financial moves that the wolf pack catches wind of and attempts to repeat in order to obtain any leftover benefit from Sender’s actions, but we are benefiting, so thanks, Sender.

Four Great Dog Foods In The Beneful Line

Beneful is a very well known line of dog foods made by Purina. These foods are known as healthy and delicious to dogs. In addition, they also have a number of different types of dog food by the same line. This makes it possible for you to provide dog food that fits your pet’s specific needs. In addition, there are different flavors available. Different dogs have different tastes, so you can find the one that your dog enjoys the most.

If you have a puppy, you certainly want him or her to develop in the best way possible. Additional nutrients are required for your puppy to grow and develop in an ideal manner. Luckily, Beneful can provide your pet with these nutrients. One type of Beneful puppy food is Beneful Healthy Puppy with real chicken. The natural chicken provides your pup with the balanced nutrition provided by real meat. In addition, the chicken flavor is enjoyed by many puppies.

If you have a healthy adult dog, there are a number of different dog food brands on provided by Beneful that will give your canine an excellent diet. The Beneful Originals line has a wonderful adult dog food called Beneful Originals with real beef. As the name suggests, this food has genuine beef in it. Your adult canine will likely really love eating this brand, and he or she will also be getting good nutrition.

There is another Beneful on youtube Originals product that is made with salmon. This is also a dog food that is geared to adult dogs. The real salmon in this dog food also provides excellent nutritional qualities. The fish taste is also favored by some dogs, and most dogs will enjoy the taste of it.

Beneful Healthy Weight is an excellent option for any dog that has an issue with weight. This brand of dog food is also made with natural ingredients. In this case, chicken is used for the meat component. The food is designed to have a lower level of calories, and this will help your dog to get a healthier weight. In addition to getting your dog to a healthy weight, Beneful Healthy Weight will give your pet proper nutrition.

Beneful is an excellent brand of dog food. The different dog food brands that they sell all provide the benefits that they are intended to. Furthermore, there are even more dog foods available from Beneful than the four that are shown on this list. With Beneful, you can give your pet quality nutrition and great flavors.

QNet is Going to Make Some Big Moves

QNet is making waves all across the globe. The e-commerce company has established itself in 100 countries promoting direct selling. With direct selling, products and services are offered through an affiliate seller who is not located at a retail store. Entrepreneurs thrive in countries all over the world and QNet is riding the wave of success these affiliate members have contributed to.

If there was one region in the world where QNet sees a great deal of future success, it would be India. QNet has captured a lot of attention in the Indian press thanks to its intention to move 100% of its manufacturing and production to India. The move was somewhat surprising. No, the fact that QNet would choose to start moving production to India is not all that surprising. India has a thriving economy and is a major location for those interesting in outsourcing. What is surprising is QNet is moving 100% of its production so quickly.

QNet is most definitely not abandoning other markets. The company recently signed a marketing and branding agreement with the Manchester City Football Club. Surely, QNet is not looking to diminish its presence anywhere in the world. By moving production to India, QNet primes itself for success in scores of other areas in the world. Switching the location of manufacturing to India is likely to cut down the costs of production by upwards of 10%.

By cutting down on the high costs of producing items for sale, the profit margin on the sales increase. This is not only good for QNet’s bottom line, but also for the pockets of those affiliate entrepreneurs working with the company. High-quality merchandise that comes with a reasonable price is going to be attractive in the market. Cutting production costs helps get a price that all-desirable reasonable level.

This is not to suggest that QNet is only interested in using India as a manufacturing hub. QNet has plans to expand its sales force in India and launch a niche marketing strategy designed to capitalize on consumers very interested in wellness products. Maximizing buyers and sellers in India could prove to be a major benefit to QNet’s revenue figures.

QNet is also pressuring the Indian government to increase regulation and oversight over direct selling and network marketing (multi-level marketing) in order to make the landscape more honest. Taking this approach helps the reputation of the direct selling industry and makes people more comfortable to patronize it.

Facebook Use Could Hurt Career

Using Facebook could be detrimental to anyone’s career. If one gets too caught up in this social media platform, it could cause a lot of issues in his job. There are advantages to Facebook because of the feed that is simple to follow. However, using Facebook is not always the smart thing for one’s career. For one thing, it could interfere with one’s productivity. At some point, if one uses Facebook too much or in a way that is not appropriate, it could result in the quick termination of one’s job. It could also result in one not being able to land a job.

One thing that could cause one to have set backs in finding a job is a bad reputation as a result of social media. At this point it may be necessary to find a company that can work towards improving reputation. Status Labs is one of those companies. They specialize in providing content for clients that have received a blow to their reputation. One thing that Status Labs understands is that anything can destroy reputation to the point that they will destroy one’s life. Status Labs believes that people for the most part deserves second chances. Everyone makes mistakes. Also, there are some cases that lies and stretched stories can cause one to lose business.

Status Labs is very experienced in handling all types of situations that can destroy one’s reputation and business. They have many methods of improving the reputation and even undoing the damages of bad reports. Among the things they do is provide a lot of new content about their clients that is positive. Among the pieces of information that they provide is some of the greatest achievements of the company. They also look for recent news on a company or an individual that is positive and likely to improve the reputation and increase the business of this person.

Social Media can also be used in order to bring about a better reputation. However, it is to be kept to a minimum during work. If one is too busy posting on Facebook to get the more important tasks done, then he is risking his job and reputation.

$50 Million Recently Secured By Handy

Everybody wishes they had a maid, or at least someone to help clean up around the house. Nobody likes to clean their house all by themselves, even if their spouse or other living partners help, it is in no way bearable to most all people. Handy is an app that has given regular people the opportunity to find home cleaning services in their area. Handy is one hundred percent free to download on all application stores and is able to be browsed even if one is not located in one of the areas where Handy is located.

Handy has received in excess of $50 million in funding which is expected to be used in the areas where Handy is already located. At the end of next year, there is supposed to be new places where Handy will open operations in, but that will require a separate round of funding.

Many other companies attempting to emulate Handy have failed, with Handy reigning supreme every time. Since Handy’s inception in 2012, Handy has continued to grow as an economy of scale, which has been a very important part of this company’s business model.

Workers for Handy estimate that around 80 percent of people working on Handy are house cleaners. The other twenty percent are construction workers and plumbers or other sorts of service professionals.

Handy is very reputable and this is one of the most attractive facets of the company. Clients will never get ripped off and cleaners will always get paid as long as the service is complete.

What To Watch For In Dog Food

There re so any things to thin about before buying Beneful on purina dog food for your dog. There’d re so a by brands to choose from and things to look for, and sometimes it’s hard at times to know exactly what you need to help your dog get healthier. The most important thing to remember with your dog is to always think about the fact that you can easily help your dog by choosing wisely the foods you feed them.

What To Watch For In Dog Food

Protein should be one of the thighs you should be looking out for in the Beneful dog food you buy. Any type of named animator protein should beat the top of the ingredients list. Always consider looking for ingredients that you can see saying either beef meals or chicken meals. They should be using real foods and not just any unnatural foods. Looking for fresh fruits and other whole vegetables added to a dog food on is a great way to give your dog the nutrients and energy for the day.

Beneful is probably one of the few brands that truly delivers top of huge line quality products at the best prices possible. I just love Beneful because they always deliver top of the line products at the best prices. They’re also very considerate with what they offer their clients, and they make sure that all of their options for dogs are always filled with the best products and ingredients. They truly stand out to me mainly because they know how to improve dog food options and also provide users with top of the line ingredients.

Your dog needs to be fed only the best ingredients in the world. Their health should be at the top of your list. Dog foods is tough to find for your dog since there are so a any many options on the market right now. The wide variety of choices makes it very tough to choose, but it’s very clear that Beneful is a brand that you need to consider because of their amazing options, natural ingredients, and organic approach to crafting dog food.

Brazil’s Comptroller Passes Clean Companies Act Battling Corruption

The legal firm of Ricardo-Tosto-de-Oliveira-Carvalho is the largest in the entire country of Brazil. Its clients include many celebrities and public figures, and Ricardo Carvalho has become the most renowned attorney in the Lain American territories.
Attorney Carvalho first practiced in a very small firm in which he was an even smaller participant, but with perseverance the firm grew until it was a well-respected and important firm. At that point Attorney Carvalho opened his own law firm. He has kept his eagle eye on every aspect of the firm until it gained its position as the largest in the country. The younger associates in his firm are closely monitored by Carvalho as he individually mentors each attorney under his wing. There is no aspect of his practice that escapes his attention and review. If he has concerns that a young attorney in his firm needs assistance, Carvalho is known to jump into the case and contribute his own expertise, unusual for a well-established and famous attorney.

Clean Companies Act to Fight Corruption
In October the Brazilian Office of Comptroller announced that the higher level partners and partnerships must take an active role in battling corruption within their firms, companies and business interests in general. However, the Brazilian attorneys have declared as a group that more needs to be done by the government to completely clean up corruption on all levels and not just the focus on law firms.
Corruption has been a deeply scarring method of surviving and succeeding in all of Latin America for so long it is nearly considered a tradition, albeit an unfortunate one. Brazil is making a bona fide effort to clean up its own house until its legal and judicial offices and ranks are clean and trustworthy. The lawyers who declare that more needs to be done nationally to rid the legal field of corruption include the firm of Ricardo-Tosto–de-Carvalho. a substantial motivator for the cause.

Ricardo Carvalho is Man of Power and Respect
It is a strong opinion within the Brazilian business community and the legal field that the power of Ricardo-Tosto-de-Carvalho could be put to good resourcefulness in the Comptrollers recently passed Act battling corruption. His concentrations thus far have been within his own firm in perfecting the practice in all aspects. One cannot help but wonder if his abilities would be beneficial to the current Clean campaign.

Lawyers That Provide Personal Injury Legal Representation Like Dan Newlin

Lawyers that provide legal representation like Dan Newlin, have many obligations when representing clients. A personal injury lawyer must practice the law with moral methods, professionalism and codes of conduct set by the state in which he works. In order to practice law in the United States, a future attorney must pass a scripted state bar exam.

Most of the states require a four-year college degree along with an actual law degree from a commissioned school of law. In most states, the Multistate Bar Exam or MBE is a requirement, as the Multistate Essay Exam or MEE is, and the Multistate Professional Responsibility or MPRE. A Multistate Performance Test or MPT is also sometimes postulated.

In addition, an attorney that is licensed can lawfully work toward getting his customers what they deserve. He will be able to register sound charges, draft legal instruments, repugn cases in the state courtroom, and provide legal advice to a victim of personal harm. The lawyer must follow the strict legal ethics according to the state, and show respect to the client when it comes to not breaking any confidence, and he has to remain loyal because he owes the victim that much.

What is more, if one wants to work as a specialist in personal injury, he must complete a specialization documentation program recognized by the American Bar Association or ABA. If one gets just one area of law as his experience, he can become an expert in that unitary field. Again, the state in which a lawyer practices is subject to the standards set by that state and the US Constitution.

As a matter of fact, a wonderful example of a lawyer taking his profession seriously, and caring enough about his victim to go that extra mile, is that of Dan Newlin. This attorney made his own new record breaker for a $100 million verdict. This was for representation of a teenage girl, 15 years old, who got shot in the head, riding in the back of her parent’s vehicle. Gang members shot at the house they had just came from, and accidentally shot her in the head.

The outcome is that she has very serious brain damage, and she is paralyzed. Her only way to communicate is to blink her eyes. The bullet is still in her brain, wedged into her skull and shards in her brain. Mr. Newlin won, but it does not change what happened to this poor teen.

Dan Newlin is a personal injury lawyer who offers legal delegation to people who allege having been harmed as an effect of the misconduct or carelessness of someone else or an entity. The injury can be physical or psychological as well.