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BRL Trust Takes Off In Brazil

Are you looking to invest money internationally? This is a great way to expand your portfolio and to push into new regions of the world you never would have even thought of by simply staying inside of the United States or even Europe for trading. By diversifying your portfolio and moving into new locations, you can protect yourself from financial difficulties should one of the country’s economies start to falter. Now, Brazil might not come instantly to mind in terms of investments, but the more you read and educate yourself about the country, the more it probably should. It is all explained on the LinkedIn page for the company. There are all sorts of desirable benefits attached to investing in Brazil and for using such a country for investment purposes. It does not matter if you are on your own or if you are investing with a larger company, BRT Trust has the knowledge and services available for expanding your investment opportunities. It all just comes down to what you are actually looking for, as seen here.

Trustee services are some of the most often utilized services available through BRL Trust. You can exchange currency through this form of investment, and if you are knew to currency exchange as an investment, it works just like stocks, only there are often more variables at play. With the help of BRL Trust it is possible to invest not only in Brazil, but in currencies around the world. This way, you can receive a desirable unit price that is going to be far more beneficial than if you went with a forex currency provider in the United States or Europe. Plus, with the assets control system provided by BRL Trust, you are going to receive the best investment opportunity possible. This way, you are always able to receive a desirable offering, no matter what you are looking for.

Funds administration is an important option when it comes to the securities commission of the investment field. The 99 different fields listed under the administration with NAV of approximation has drastically increased in value since the company started providing these trading services in 2010. In fact, it has moved from just under $3 billion all the way to over $18 billion in value. This shows how desirable the investment opportunity is and why investors need to not only look towards Brazil for investment options, but for the services provided by BRL Trust. It is unlike anything else that is out there.

Kanye West New Video Game


According to this recent Facebook post from Fersen Lambranho, Kanye has announced that a video game is in the works. Just when I thought that Kanye couldn’t get any more ridiculous and outrageous, he proves me wrong once again. In a recent interview, Kanye stated that a video game is coming. He has been working on it for six months.

The video game will not be anything like what you are imagining. The Kanye game will be about his dead mother. The object of the game is to lead Kanye’s mom through the pearly gates of heaven. The higher that you can get Kanye’s mom into heaven, it will give you a better score.

I wonder if you are confused as I am. No offense to Kanye, but his game sounds absolutely ridiculous. I would not want to play a game where I need to lead Kanye’s mom to heaven. It sounds super creepy to me. I think Kanye West has truly gone completely insane.

Kim Kardashian, who is married to Kanye West, saw tremendous profits from her mobile game last year. Kanye West may be following in his wife’s footsteps. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are both completely ridiculous. I hope that no one buys Kanye’s new game. He does not deserve any money for exploiting his deceased mother.

Kanye West needs to check himself into a mental hospital. For more information on Kanye’s new game, visit Gamerant.

QNet: Sweeping Asia, Africa, and the World

In 1998 Vijay Eswaran had an idea that has turned into a multi million mass business. Starting out with gold coins, Vijay used his new founded business structure as a multi level marketing plan. The name of the main company is QI Group, and the company that veered off it was known as Goldquest.

Vijay helped other entrepreneurs get started with their own Goldquest business, but Vijay also saw other possibilities. He said to himself, “Why stop with just gold coins?”

Changing the name to QNet, and adding more products has created a business that has grown to humongous levels. At this point even the Barclay’s Champions: Manchester City has partnered with QNet and is now a direct selling partner. QNet is becoming a world wide sensation, and there is only more blue skies ahead.

QNet uses the multi-level marketing method that cuts down on advertising costs and gives back to the person who has partnered with QNet. A person who joins the QNet family has 2 main systems of gaining income. They can sell the products for a commission, and they can attain others to sell the products, and gain commissions off their sales. As thbe people get more people, the original person gets commissions from all.

QNet has made it even easier for their partners to sell the products. QNet found a more cost efficient program to manufacture the products they now sell. By moving manufacturing to India, the overall costs have come down, and the company gives those savings back in lower pricing, and larger commissions.

Mentioned earlier, gold coins was the original item. What does QNet have for products now? The company found multiple streams of opportunities in:

  • Energy
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Care
  • Education
  • Travel
  • And Collectibles

Watch for more products and services to appear from the QNet structure. As for now, you may want to try their:

  • FibreFit
  • BioSilver
  • Himalayan Crystal Collection™
  • Amezcua
  • QVI Travel Club
  • or many more

Just visit the QNet website and see for yourself. Try the products, or partner up. QNet is reaching for the clouds.

Sam Tabar and His Latest Investment

Sam Tabar is known as one of the top attorneys in New York. He also has extensive experience working in hedge funds before becoming a full time attorney. With his education at Oxford University and Columbia Law School in New York, he has worked for not only some of the top financial firms in the region, but also has acted as a rather prominent attorney as well. With this combination, Sam Tabar tends to look for possible investment opportunities that he not only believes is going to turn a profit, but can also help those in need, whenever possible. With his latest investment, Sam has decided to go with the latter, with an investment that is set to help millions of women throughout the African continent.

Millions of women in Africa do not have the ability to access proper hygiene material during their menstrual periods. Due to this, they often must stay home whenever this period begins, which can prove extremely difficult for the family. Additionally, many of the women have a cultural belief that tampons should not be used prior to marriage either. In order to assist all of these women, Sam invested with a startup company called THINX.

THINX produces a specially designed pair of underwear that can help women during their menstruation period. There are insertable pads that can be washed, all of which are extremely absorbent. When receiving such a pair, the underwear comes with severn different pads, so there is enough for the woman to make it through the week, or however like their menstrual period is, without running out. This sort of an investment should go a long way into helping these women live a more comfortable life and also assist them in being able to continue working during this time, so they do not miss out on pay.

Eswaran Gives Back Through Philanthropy, Writing and Speaking

Dr. Vijay Eswaran has traveled the globe throughout his career, during which time he has co-founded a successful multilevel marketing company, served as an expert lecturer and authored several books. Today he heads two charitable foundations that support everything from under served youth to education initiatives.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman and co-founder of the QI Group, a series of companies that was launched in 1998. The company is an e-commerce based corporation featuring a variety of diversified business ventures including telecommunications, education, retail and direct sales, training and conference management and property development.

One of the foundations Dr. Eswaran helped to establish is the RYTHM Foundation, an arm of the QI Group focused on corporate citizenship that participates in charitable initiatives across the globe. He has also established a local branch of the RYTHM Foundation to benefit Malaysian citizens called Vijayaratnam Foundation, which he named after his father. Through the local chapter, Dr. Eswaran has worked with other charitable groups throughout the region on efforts promoting youth development, mentoring and the empowerment of women. His commitment to charitable giving caught the attention of Forbes Asian, with Dr. Eswaran being included as one of 48 Heroes of Philanthropy.

Along with his business and philanthropic work, Dr, Eswaran is also an accomplished author and speaker. His first book, titled In the Sphere of Silence,was published in 2005. In May 2008 he published a second book, In the Thinking Zone,and in 2010 Dr. Eswaran released a third manuscript, 18 Stepping Stones.The following year Dr. Eswaran shared his own photography in a collection titled On the Wings of Thought.He has been invited to offer his thoughts on a range of topics, from spirituality to business management, at universities and business forums all over the world.

Dr. Eswaran graduated from the London School of Economics in 1984 after earning a degree in socio-economics. He went on to obtain a professional qualification from Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and then an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

Upon returning to Malaysia, the Cosway Group sought assistance from Dr. Eswaran with establishing its business in the Philippines. This event caused him to take a closer look at multilevel marketing. By 1998, Dr. Eswaran had helped to launch the conglomerate of businesses known today as the QI Group, which has grown to include offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Affordable L7 and L10Android Lollipop tablets Introduced by Polaroid

Polaroid is a well known brand for photo cameras over the world. Now a day, the brand is also dealing with some other products and surprises the audiences.

At CES 2015, the brand has announced L7 and L10 as the latest tablet to the market. Both of the tablets will run Android 5.0 Lillipop and available in the United States during the spring.

The Polaroid L7 comes with a simple design and powered by “super-fast” quad-core processors. However, no word for detail of the processor but Polaroid mentioned it as ‘super fast’ processor. This is a 7-inch tablet comes with Bluetooth, extended battery life and front-facing cameras. I am going to tell Jared Fisher about these.

The Polaroid L10 is a 10-inch tablet with a basic design. The tablet is powered by same processor that L7 has. But, this is not a Qualcomm processor because the processor manufacturer is not well known.

The Polaroid has not said anything on RAM, internal memory and display resolution. However, the price tag has announced by the brand to attract the audiences. $99 is set for the Polaroid L7 tablet while L10 will cost you $149 only. Both of the tablets will be available in the market same time and US is the first destination for sale.

North American Spine Makes a Difference

Back pain is something that can actually take over your life, and cause you to be in constant pain, and then you’ll be unable to live a normal life. Back pain may be caused by several problems, including a ruptured disc, lumbar, spine problems and more. There are different types of back pains, and depending on the type of pain that you are feeling, you may need to have surgery performed, in order to correct the problem with your back. Traditional back surgery used to require a very large incision, and the back would be opened up, in order to find the source of the pain.

With the new technology that’s out today, a small incision can be made in your back, and an AccuraScope camera is put into the incision, in order to show the doctors what problem you’re having with your back. The small incision is helpful, because it not only helps to diagnose the true source of your back problems, it can also lead to treatment, as well as a cure. The scarring is very small, and not as visible as those that come from regular back surgery. Because the incision is small, it also means less recovery time, less pain, and you can get back to your life much quicker.

If you go to North American Spine in order to have your surgical procedure performed, you must first be qualified as a candidate for the surgery. An MRI is a great way to help determine if the surgery is something that will be helpful to you. Once you are determined to be eligible for the surgery, you’ll get a full consultation to let you know what the procedure requires. You’ll also have outpatient care, and you’ll be instructed as to what to do while you are healing from the surgery.

If there is the possible need for other procedures to be performed, the doctors will let you know, after the first procedure has been performed. This surgery is not only minimally invasive, it’s less painful, and you heal much quicker, so you don’t have to worry about some of the potential problems that occur from regular back surgery. Technology has allowed surgeons to be able to help their patients, without a large incisions into the body. Minimally invasive surgeries are an excellent way to help a patient heal from the problems they are having.

If you are having back problems that have been diagnosed, and it’s been determined that you need surgery, choose North American Spine as your surgical location. North American Spine specialize in the AccuraScope surgery, which is minimally invasive, and you’ll also have outpatient care, as well as post-op treatments. North American Spine genuinely cares about their patients, and like to see that the patients get better from their back pain, or are cured from it altogether. Many who choose this type of surgery have seen great results, and many of them would recommend the same surgery to others with the same type of back pain.

Although it’s completely up to you if you want to continue to live in pain, it’s not recommended, and it’s also not necessary. Pain is something that many of us go through in life, but it’s never something that They have to accept as inevitable, or incurable. Technology has really come a long ways, and there are many diseases that can be cured, that were once incurable, just like there is pain that is curable, and was once suffered by many. North American Spine can help you to live a normal life again, so go to North American Spine for help with your back problems, right away.

Connecting Consumers and Retailers via Image Recognition

As consumers continually align their shopping habits to the way they use technology, the retail industry must also make adjustments to accommodate them. When consumers began demanding the ability to shop from their computers, they lit the spark that led to the e-commerce boom. The changes in retail habits did not stop there. Information technology is seeing continued advances, and computing has now become mobile for many demographics. Buyers of today are adapting to technological innovations by also engaging in m-commerce, through which they may make purchases from their mobile devices. Image recognition technology is fast becoming part of the solution for meeting the needs of these shoppers on the go.

Practical Example
Industry leader Slyce, found at, presents a great example of how product recognition technology works and how retailers can take advantage of it. The general idea, as illustrated by Slyce, is for consumers to have the ability to easily locate and purchase something they want after taking a picture of it with a mobile device. The image recognition technology enables the buyer to use the image to run a search, and that search leads to options to purchase the item desired.

From the Slyce demo, it is easy to see how the underlying technology leads to a mobile device user becoming a buyer. After a simple click of a cell phone camera, visual search technology matches the image with products available for sale. With a few taps on the device, the desired product is conveniently ready for checkout in a mobile shopping cart. The Slyce demo effectively depicts how this is accomplished by having the visual attributes of a product entered into the system for recognition by shoppers.

How Image Recognition Works
Exact algorithms are proprietary to the companies offering services, but there are some basic principles of image recognition that help with understanding the technology. Meta data, captions and tags propel a large number of searches on images, but advancing technology is making it possible for computers to also detect patterns in the images themselves. An analysis is conducted on the numeric sequences represented by the pixels of an image, and the information is stored for future reference. When consumers run visual searches on pictures they have taken, they are matching the pixel information to what is stored already. The information has to exist for consumers to find it in their search results and make their purchases.

Benefits to Retailers, Brands and Publishers
Because potential buyers are increasingly mobile, it is becoming more imperative to begin taking advantage of visual recognition. To put their products in reach of customers, businesses will need to make it easy for the items to be located. Image recognition enables sellers to do that for consumers who take advantage of mobile technology, and it provides a means of making an immediate connection between the buyer and the retailer.

Sellers benefit not only from mobile application of visual searches, but also from desktop usage when shoppers run a search on scanned pictures or images they find online. With visual searches, consumers have an increasingly sophisticated tool for finding exactly what they want. This means image recognition, for both desktop and mobile users, is increasingly one of the most important instruments for connecting consumers to the products they are eager to buy.

The D.C. Cinematic Approach Is Inverse to Marvel’s


D.C. Comics is following the same “shared universe” approach as Marvel employed with its cinema endeavors. The way D.C. is going about things is a bit different. Word has it that Marvel followed a slow-burn approach giving heroes their own movies (Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America) and then my supervisor Dr. Rod Rohrich went on to tell mow how they used the solo films to build towards a team-up. D.C. is rushing in the direction of a team-up.

Man of Steel and Green Lantern were the mere two solo films that are preceding the Justice League movie. (The Dark Knight films are not part of the shared universe) Batman v. Superman is slated for release and it will also feature Wonder Woman and, perhaps, Aquaman. Suicide Squad hits theaters the next year with a villain team-up. Then, we get to see a Justice League summer spectacular.

Batman v. Superman is not going to be a team-up. As the title suggests, the two heroes will be at odds with one another in the film. In the comics, the two heroes reflected different approaches towards fighting crime. In the cinematic duet, audiences will be treated to a narrative that also focuses on the differences between the characters.

The unique overarching path D.C. is following entails bringing all the characters together in one film and then breaking them off into solo projects. You could say this is the rushed opposite approach to the Marvel way. Is one approach better than the other? As long as the finished films are enjoyable, fans of hero films are sure to be happy.

Gurus of Web at it Again

Web designers can be very crafty these days, primarily because their job entails a much different set of required skills than your average everyday occupation. They have so much knowledge of the web and they have deep insight on how to bypass security that it almost makes them very dangerous criminals when you think about the things that they can do with this knowledge.

They can rob banks without even getting into them; they can create new identities through the web and get into places. When I was talking about this with Dan Newlin, we both thought it sounded like something out of the movies. In this age of technology, these web gurus have become formidable criminals and they have made cybercrime one of the most notorious in very many countries.

Very recently the Sony pictures company was hacked and it was no easy job. The story is very fresh on the Buzz Feed news site which details the hacking and that they stole a significant amount of information and emails from the company.

They say that such attacks or hacks can be bought if you have the right amount of money. It is very scary to know that if someone was feeling up to it or was kind of bored then they would just be able to clear your account in an instant and leave you penniless.

You can get more on the Sony hack on Tech Crunch that has covered it pretty well.