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New York Real Estate: Predictions for 2016

TOWN Residential is one of the top New York firms in luxury real estate services. And this is only its fifth year of business. The firm has been mentioned in every news outlet from the New York Observer and Real Estate Weekly to Good Morning New York Real Estate and Brick Underground. The Executive leadership team is made up of four individuals. TOWN Residential has 7 offices that are in The Financial District, The Flatiron, SOHO, The Upper East Side, Astor Place, The Gramercy, and Fifth Avenue.

Andrew Heiberger is the founder and CEO of TOWN Residential. Heiberger previously served as the founder CEO for other companies like Citi Habitats and Buttonwood Development. Wendy Maitland is the President of Sales. Maitland has a diverse educational background in Human Development, Social Work and Psychoanalysis. This background has helped her to create one of the best methodologies for selling real estate: Win-win. Itzy Garay is the Executive Vice President of Sales and Leasing. Garay began her career with a big splash in 2001 by being a top-producing agent at another leading Manhattan firm. And she has not let up since. Joseph Sitt is Co-Chairman and is also the CEO of Thor Equities. Sitt is also on the board of the Real Estate Roundtable in D.C. and has membership in the Partnership for New Your City.

If you are interested in luxury condo properties in New York, the New York Daily News recently released an article where they made the following 8 predictions for the New York City Real Estate Market for 2016:
-Interest rates on the rise and prices on the fall.
-Buyers will be more demanding.
-Quick sales will not happen.
-Some prices will stay high due to unrealistic sellers.
-Prime locations will have the most sales.
-A big portion of property will be bought by baby boomers.
-Renting will become more lucrative than buying.
-High level luxury condos will flood the market and entry level luxury condos will be difficult to find.

Brad Reifler: The Art of Trading

When it comes to making high-stakes business deals, there are many factors that come into play. The ability to communicate well with others, along with having the knowledge needed to make the deal itself, combine to create success for everyone involved. However, just how much success is achieved depends largely on the person doing the negotiating. When it comes to making great business deals and creating successful financial services companies, Brad Reifler has set the standard upon which all other people are measured.

Brad’s website shows that with more than 30 years of experience in the world of high finance and economics, Brad is widely viewed as knowing almost all there is to know about these subjects. Nevertheless, Brad always strives to learn something new with each and every business deal he makes. Whether it involves having a meeting with a client about their retirement account, consulting with a Fortune 500 company on Wall Street, or having a conversation with a Nobel Prize-level economist from the Asia-Pacific region, Brad has always understood there is much to be learned from each of these interactions.

As the founder and CEO of some of the most successful financial services companies from the past 30 years, Brad has always known it takes far more than a sound knowledge of economics and finance to make it big in the business world. That’s a part of the reason that Brad Reifler’s tips are so sought after. In fact, Brad believes it actually takes a greater knowledge of people than of finance to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Because of this philosophy, Brad has always made it a point to treat each and every individual with whom he comes in contact with the utmost respect. By doing so, he feels it not only puts the other person at ease, but also opens the door for open and relaxed communication.

Whether it was with his first company Reifler Trading Company or his later successes with Pali Capital and Forefront Capital Management, Brad has always trusted in his abilities to understand people as well as business trends. Because of this, he has been able to combine his two greatest strengths to become one of the leading CEOs in the world which CrunchBase clearly illustrates. As he continues to study today’s business trends in an effort to develop new strategies, Brad will continue to only add to his legacy of greatness. As he does, others will continue to look to him for his expert business guidance.

George Soros Speaks Out on Trump And Isis

Forbes Billionaire market guru, hedge fund owner and philanthropist George Soros, though “retired,” is still active as a speaker and as an avid observer of the political scene. These days, Soros is also outspoken about the current political scene as it pertains to the presidential race. He was recently interviewed by Bloomberg News and he had strong views on the candidates.

According to George Soros, Donald Trump’s views on immigration (as well as Ted Cruz’), with his statements about closing our borders to Muslim immigrants, convince the Muslim community “that there is no alternative but terrorism.” In that way, said Soros, Trump might as well be doing the work of ISIS for them.

Still, though, Soros said that it looks as though ISIS’s days are numbered, as right now the governments of both Syria and Iraq are taking back the territory that the terrorist group captured.

Soros noted that right now Europe is facing a major crisis with the Middle East falling apart and ISIS becoming a threat. He also worries that Angela Merkel may have risked too much in welcoming refugees this year. Still though, he is hopeful that Europe will stabilize and find a way to deal with the crisis.

Soros was a refugee from Hungary during WWII, and he noted that he and other refugees were treated better back in those times. Soros was educated in London and New York as a young man after the war. It’s those experiences that influence his liberal politics today, even though he is a wealthy man. He noted that though he is considered a statesman today, he still identifies with those people who are “stateless.”

Though he identifies with the migrants, Soros’ net worth is now said to be upward of $24 billion. Compared to Soros’ Trump’s worth looks paltry, at just 4.4 billion.

It will be interesting to see how Soros’ views on Trump evolve as the race continues. What’s sure is that he will continue to watch avidly as things continue.

Getting Healthy With OrganoGold

Drinking that cup or two of coffee each day has become more healthy now, thanks to new products that have just been released from the brand OrganoGold. No longer will you just get perked up from drinking your coffee but you can also improve your health and any current medical conditions that you may be dealing with like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis, migraines and much more. Previously, your trusted medical professional may have advised you to limit the coffee you drink but OrganoGold comes packed with an ancient Chinese herb that is beneficial to one’s health.

Bernardo Chua is the creator of OrganoGold and has placed Ganoderma Lucidum in coffee and tea products to make them healthier and more acceptable to consume each day. With convenient sachet packs of black tea, green tea, black coffee, latte, red tea, hot chocolate and more, there are plenty of options available for every set of taste buds. The products taste just like the normal kind except the Ganoderma Lucidum is an antioxidant that will help you fight free radicals, improve your overall immune system function and feel energetic each and every day. This is a safe and beneficial alternative to regular teas and coffees you will find in stores and in cafes all across the country.

With OrganoGold you are not only getting energy but you are improving your health. You won’t have to worry about your morning cup of coffee or tea and you can even feel good about enjoying another cup later in the day if you feel it would be beneficial. It is always important to check with your current medical provider before taking an herbal supplement, especially if you have a preexisting medical condition that is being monitored or are taking other medications. Bernardo Chua has created the exact product that he was looking for. He wanted to give people their favorite products that they enjoy consuming, but make them healthier for people to consume and actually help people improve their overall health and wellbeing. Affordably and pleasurably, he has done so with OrganoGold.  Check out Bernie’s official website to see what he’s been up to lately.  Or Twitter for where Bernie is taking Organo in the future.

How to Find Top Texas Doctors

Deciding to have plastic surgery performed on a part of the body or face is a difficult decision. Certainly, this is a decision that will affect a person for a lifetime. A costly mistake might take a lifetime to fix. Therefore, it is best to find the top plastic surgeons to make sure that all goes well during the procedure. Finding the top plastic surgeon in Texas is easier than you might think. Simply use common sense and the methods that are outlined in this guide.

Selecting Top Texas Plastic Surgeons
First, it is important to make sure that the medical professional selected is board certified. Board certification simply demonstrates that the surgeon has the training, knowledge, and experience in procedures. Only board certified surgeons are able to operate in a hospital or other medical facility. Beware of a plastic surgeon that operates out if a hotel room, store front office, or apartment building. Also, look for a plastic surgeon that has plenty of experience in the procedure. Ask plenty of questions and narrow down your choices to the plastic surgeon that seems most appropriate and competent. One very competent plastic surgeon in Texas is Dr. Jennifer Walden.

About Dr. Jennifer Walden
Dr. Jennifer Walden has plenty to celebrate. She is a true Texas native that has returned to her home town. She has twin sons that bring her plenty of joy. She also has a very successful practice in Austin, Texas. The fact is that she is a highly trained plastic surgeon. She resided in New York for several years and trained with some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the country. In fact, she was on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Successful Woman
Indeed, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a very successful plastic surgeon. Clearly, her practice in New York was very successful. However, the doctor longed to return to her hometown, Austin. She felt that it was important for her twin boys to get to know their family. Since moving back to Austin, she’s managed to achieve even more success with her new practice.

George Soros Speaks Out About Angela Merkel

Europe is divided into multiple states. Such states have long functioned independently. In recent decades, efforts have been made to help integrate such states into a much larger unit. This unit, known as the EU, is one of the most respected organizations in all of the world. Home to over three hundred million people, the European Union is an organization that founders hope will last and will help provide the rest of the world with access to European markets and the opportunity to tap into one of the world’s most dynamic areas. However, stresses and strains have become apparent lately in the foundation of the EU.

One observer who has noted this particular problem is investor George Soros. Soros is a Hungarian Jew who is both a citizen of Hungary and the United States. As such, he is able to see both countries closely. Soros is one of the world’s richest men, with a fortune that is estimated at over a billion dollars. His work in the financial world has been much admired for his insights into local and international markets. He earned much of his fortune by betting against the rise of the pound and seeing his prediction come true. Since that time, George Soros has devoted his time to many important causes all over the world including his vision of Europe as a place where people can travel from one place to the next. Soros talks about his view of the state of the European Union in an interview for the New York Review of Books.

In this interview, Soros speaks his mind about current state of the European Union. He talks about the current crisis here that has taken place as a result of the influx of a huge number of refugees in the region because of the breakdown of leadership in Syria. Many people there have fled the crisis and come to multiple European nations. The result has been that over a million people have entered this part of the world in search of the right to live in a prosperous region of the world. European leaders all across the region have been unsure exactly how to respond to this influx. They have chosen to respond in varying ways. Some leaders have welcomed the refugees while others have chosen to state otherwise and have suggested that perhaps this part of the world is not right for their needs.

Soros does not agree with this assessment by those leaders. He believes that the key to solving the crisis in Europe over the migration of people from Syria is for Angela Merkel to step up and assume leadership instead. Merkel has been chancellor of Germany for many years at this point. In his view, she needs to be the leader of the entire continent of Europe as well as being head of Germany. His belief is that her leadership will be the key to helping make Europe a better place for all who seek to live there right now.

Flavio Maluf is Making a Huge Difference

Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex a Brazilian South America company that deals with environmental factors. He graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and has had a three-decade experience working in Eucatex. Eucatex is one of the biggest companies, started in 1951 that has ventured in the forest sector. In Brazil, it is one of the few businesses that cares about the environment and the ecosystem.

Through a lot of hard work Flavio has been able to lead the company to where it is today. The forest sector is not the easiest sector in the economy. According to Flavio investing in the forest sector requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Getting interest and returns from this industry also needs patience and commitment.

Flavio is also the president of the Grand food, which LinkedIn shows. It is also another heavy industry in the industrial market. Being the son of a famous politician, Flavio has been in the spotlight. Being in the spotlight can be a challenge, but Flavio Maluf has been able to get through that challenge. Flavio relies on his hard work and not just the fact that his father can do favors for him. In the recent years, due to increasing use of technology, the company has able to increase its profits. The competition has been stiff especially with the new technology but still Flavio’s Eucatex still rated the best in the forest sector, and judging from his bio the best is yet to come.  That’s saying something.

In the business market s, researchers say that the 2015-2016 business year comes with tough challenges. This does not worry Flavio because he believes that with the proper investments and knowledge in real entrepreneurship the company will be able to get through that difficult year. Many companies started investing in the environment sector but fell out after facing the difficult challenges that come with it.

Flavio Maluf has says that in that sector a lot of patience is needed. For example, in the leasing of land, the profits can come after several years.

In the recent years, Flavio Maluf has implemented different strategies to improve profits, something other entrepreneurs could learn from. Such include interacting with the consumer and involving them more. Flavio also looks for strategies that reduce expenses. This involves using cheaper delivery systems. Their sales have also improved from 8.9% to 9.8% due to an implementation of this different strategies.

Advanced Innovations Brought to You by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is always ahead in providing technological innovations that provide criminal and civil justice solutions. The technology we provide is used in investigations, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. On December 21, 2015, we announced the release of the most advanced, completely integrated analytical tool. The analytical tool, better known as “THREADS 3.1” is one of a kind and cannot be compared to any other device found in the United States corrections market. This tool is considered as the best so far and superior to other analytical instruments.

Redesigning Securus’ particular analytical solutions product ensures that the interface is upgraded to the newest web-based technologies. Upgrading is done while at the same time preserves robust analysis to which our clients are accustomed. We ensure that we do not compromise on quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of our inmate communication monitoring technology. This latest redesign has made THREADS easier to handle. System performance has also been improved meaning that it takes a short time to come up with solutions.

The general manager responsible for Business Management at Securus is called Kelly. Kelly said that some of the adjustments that secure has done its technology are the streamlined user interface, enhanced navigation, elimination of system actions that are unnecessary, search function and record loading. The result of these adjustments is improved user experience and increased performance.

The 3.1 release has upgraded the software platform to HTML five from its initial Silver light. HTML five allows direct integration between different Securus products. An example of such Securus products is Secure Call Platform (SCP). This new interface is easier to use because it also provides investigators with a proactive tool that supports them in conducting their investigations. Solid said that Securus has worked tirelessly to come up with a software tool that provides intelligence during inmate phone calls and inmate communication that is highly actionable, requires little training and focused leads to investigators.

THREADS 3.1 has other essential features such as guided real-time analysis, ability to receive SCP calls within the application, customized printing, and mapping as well as context-sensitive reports. Solid also said that for a long time, THREADS has been the best in providing analytical solutions for correlations, fraternization, communication, detecting and identifying suspicious patterns of calling inmates. He also said that Securus is elevating its technology to platinum level. Solid also said that the existing Securus customers will be upgraded for free and can get access to the video visitation platform. The account setup involves a series of easy steps to follow, but there is also a video (below) and the customer service app can be accessed for any additional questions.

We have committed ourselves to connect and serve people by providing responses to an emergency, public information, incident management, communication, investigation, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, information management and monitoring services and products to make the world safer.

Why Sam Tabar Has Succeed In Spearheading THINX to Greater Heights

The development of the internet has led to the emergence of different types of people around the world who have invested heavily in economic development programs. This has seen the emergence of business and technological executives that have brought much change in the development and improvement of the living standards of many people. Sam Tabar is a renowned attorney and technological executive that have contributed to the growth and emergence of business entities in United States of America. He holds bachelor’s of arts from the Oxford University where he received a lot of skills that he has used to expand business innovations. After graduating from the Oxford University, he landed his first job at Skadden in 2001 as an associate. This was the beginning process of his long career in the investment world where he later moved SPARX Group in 2004 and moved through the ranks to become the Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. This gave him the necessary skills to further invest in other multinational companies and many companies sought to hire his services. As such, he has contributed in advising people of the strategic process of investing in hedge funds.

Sam Tabar recently moved to invest in THINX which is a company geared towards helping and empowering women in America, Asia and Africa. THINX is a company that specializes in manufacturing of fashionable underwear that has been used to help women in America and Africa go through the menstruation periods. His initiative is to help many people develop self esteem among other by empowering them through providing for alternative ways of getting income. For instance, the company has initiated a promotional process of its brands and whenever a woman in Uganda purchases single underwear, she is given extra seven reusable underwear for free. This spirit has made the company to develop enhance support from many countries in Africa as a whole.

Sam Tabar has invested in the company and spearheaded the company into developing campaigns to market their products. They have also launched online marketing strategies that have yielded much fruits with opening of an official website for promotional purposes.

He has also continued to advice people on the risk of investing in problematic commodities and has provided some guidelines to help avoid the problem. Carrying out research on a given product should be the first priority before actually investing in it. This gives you the history on how the commodity is performing in the market.

President of US Money Reserve Phillip Diehl Supports Eliminating the Penny

CNBC Squawk Box interviewed Phillip Diehl formerly of the director of the U.S. Mint and now the president of U.S. Money Reserve about the dying of our precious penny. Mr. Diehl is a graduate of Stamford University, and during his forty year career also worked at Senate Finance Committee. In the interview Mr. Diehl explains how it costs more to make the penny than it’s now worth, and that how the penny is no longer made of copper, but is over 97 percent zinc.

Mr. Diehl goes onto explain that even if you see a penny in the street and bend over to pick it up you are working for less than minimum wage. He was asked about the views of some economists that if you take the penny out of circulation it will skew pricing. The example given Mr. Diehl were MacDonald’s burgers selling for $3.99. Taking the penny away, some feel the price will rise to $4.00, and this effect of removing the penny will affect prices across all industries and products.

U.S. Money Reserves president disagrees with those views. He believes that Mac Donald’s is more likely to come down to $3.95 for the burger instead of annoying customers over a penny. Mr. Diehl believes that it’s an argument use by the penny lobby to keep it in production. He explains that 75 percent of all transactions now are electronic, and that only 25 percent are in cash. He believes that retailers will round down instead of up.

The penny lobby is made up of the zinc industry, and the industry that produces the blanks and the penny itself. Mr. Diehl explains by eliminating the penny, the government will save about one hundred and five million dollars a year. When it was pointed out that it costs more to produce a nickel than five cents, Mr. Diehl replied that we are able to change the composition of a nickel, but it’s impossible to do the same with the penny anymore. He also mentions that the Illinois Congressional Delegation wants to keep the penny in circulation because of Abraham Lincoln.