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North Korean Activist to Speak at US University

Yeonmi Park is well known as a North Korean defector and a Human Rights activist. Born in October 4, 1993, Yeonmi has become a voice of influence in the world especially with regard to the unacceptable conditions in North Korea. Yeonmi and her family escaped from North Korea through China where they became victims of human trafficking living under terrible conditions, passing through Mongolia to South Korea where they finally settled down. Now as an activist, reporter and a speaker, Yeonmi speaks about her life in North Korea and how she escaped North Korea in 2007. Yeonmi rose to fame when she spoke at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland, 2014 enlightening the world about the horrible, inhumane life experienced by North Korean citizens under Kim Jong Un’s rule. She currently lives in South Korea with her family and studies at the Dongguk University in Seoul, pursuing a major in criminal justice.

Yeonmi is set to give a lecture at the DePauw University on October 5th, under the Ubben lecture series. This event is set to happen after the release of her book, ‘In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’. Her reason for the visit is to share her story of defecting from North Korea, the human trafficking horrors that she experienced in China and the need to fight for liberty in every part of the world. The venue of the lecture will be the Green Center’s Kresge Auditorium that is open to everyone and free of charges. There will be a question-answer session and a book signing session scheduled to happen after the public lecture, as stated on the DePauw University’s website.

According to DePauw University’s website, the Ubben Lecture Series program started in 1958, was designed to bring the world to Green castle, and has managed to present110 programs. In the website, Yeonmi Park is going to be the youngest Ubben Lecturer after Liz Murray, 25, who had visited the university in April 2005. Other prominent people to have graced the Ubben Lecture Series are: Bill Clinton, Jimmy Kimmel, Benazir Bhutto, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and many others. Yeonmi has been a top voice of subjugated people around the world earning her a position in the BBC’s ‘Top 100 Global Women’ and thus making her a suitable person for DePauwk’ Ubben Lecture Series. Ever since she escaped, Yeonmi has therefore been writing and speaking publicly; she also volunteers for activist programs. Yeonmi believes that change might actually occur in North Korea and has become a member of LiNK (Liberty in North Korea), a nonprofit organization which rescues and settles North Korean refugees in South Korea.

Skout Helps Me To Socialize Without All The Traveling

I’m a person who won’t travel far to do anything. I always go to the closest grocery store, I only buy gas at the closest gas station, and my job is only 2 miles of the street. Although it seems lazy that I don’t like to travel far, I don’t like leaving my home too often, and I have a lot that I can do in my home anyways. Since I rarely travel, my friends have been urging me to get out more, but I refused. My friend said that I should at least start talking to other people.

If my friends don’t come and visit me, they won’t see me because I don’t like to drive that far. My closest friend lives over 10 miles from me, and I prefer not to go so far away from home. I almost think I have a problem when it comes to traveling, and I’ve even thought about talking to a doctor about it. I do a lot of stuff online because of my fear of traveling. I’ve done some shopping online, I buy groceries online, and if I could, I’d buy gas for my car online too!

Since my friends know I do a lot online, one of them suggested that I should start dating online as well. I can’t imagine which man would have me when I have such a fear of leaving the house, so I turned down the idea. My friend suggested that I should at least choose the Skout network because I’d be able to find a date if I wanted to, but at least I could socialize in the meantime. I have a great smartphone that helps me do everything, so I looked up the Skout application, and I found it.

I was able to quickly download the application to my phone and start using it. It required some information for me to sign up, and I put in the information, but I refused to put up my picture. I had to ask my friend how the application worked, and she told me that I had to turn my location on, and it would be able to find people close to me. That’s what I wanted to hear because I wasn’t willing to travel far to meet anyone. I started talking with different people on the network, and it allowed me to open up and let down my guard.

I talked to a guy who only lived 5 miles from me, and he gained my interest. Not only did Skout show that he lived close to me, but he had many of the same interests that I had, and he asked if we could meet. I was terrified of meeting anyone, but at the same time, 5 miles wasn’t too far for me to travel. I told the guy that we could meet as long as it was close to my house. We set up a meeting, and I’m anxiously waiting to see if this guy is the one for me.

Eucatex: A Global Leader Under Maluf’s Leadership

Brazilian furniture and paint manufacturer Eucatex, has enjoyed a long and successful history globally. The company has deep roots that can be traced back to 1923 when it first opened as Americana Sawmill Americana. No ordinary company, Eucatex is environmentally conscious and takes a number of steps to maintain a balance between forest re-growth and the usage of eucalyptus trees.

Apontador has written many times that under the leadership of CEO Flavio Maluf, Eucatex has grown exponentially. Maluf, 54, was brought aboard in 1986 as a marketing executive. In 1997, he was installed as company CEO. Maluf is considered a visionary and a driving force behind the company’s immense success. Shortly after his promotion, Maluf implemented a number of programs that addressed the executive structure and productions methods — and how those factors can be changed for the betterment of the company.

A mechanical engineer by trade, Maluf saw a number of ways to make the company more productive. Maluf authorized an infusion of funds that overhauled and upgraded all manufacturing facilities. State-of-the-art equipment ensures a better quality of product gives staff the ability to create even better products. Maluf also ushered in new ways to use fossil fuel and helping to keep Brazil green.

Eucatex has cemented its place as one of the best manufacturers in South America. The company’s main office is in Salto, but Eucatex has locations in Mexico, Argentina, Germany and Holland. More than 2,000 people are employed in various offices and manufacturing plants.

In the last few years under Maluf’s guidance, the company has gained an impeccable reputation and helped the company secure well over $300 million. The entire direction of the company has changed for the better, and Eucatex has Flavio Maluf to thank for that. Eucatex has taken the lead in environmental issues and even created programs and partnerships to further push the Green initiative.

Top Dating Apps

Society is pointing fingers at modern technology for the lack of social skills developing in teenagers and young adults. Despite what the critics say, technology is making it easier than ever to make new friends on Skout. Dating apps are on the rise, connecting millions of people to form relationships impossible to form otherwise. Whether you prefer traditional courting means or would like to join the craze, dating apps are making finding compatible partners easier than ever. Here is a list of the most popular dating apps!


Tinder has released a lot of bash for its notoriously creepy methods, but it’s hard to argue that the service works. Tinder allows you to browse potential partners by swiping through a series of pictures to find the one. The app has been praised for its ability to anonymously search while allowing users to minimally invest their emotions in simple swipes. If you have been swiped and coincidentally (probably not) swipe the same person, Tinder will let you know, allowing you to send a message and get to know that person better. As far as anonymous dating goes, Tinder wins!

Coffee Meets Bagel

This app takes the hours of swiping and streaming out of play. At noon every day, Coffee Meets Bagel shares a mutual Facebook friend compatible to you. If you both “like,” then an instant chat will be brought up where you can get to know each other better. If you both “pass,” no harm done and you can wait for tomorrow.


Hinge is similar to Coffee Meets Bagel in that it finds compatible mutual friends you both share. This takes the creepiness out of looking for random partners and instantly provides a middle-man to help you get to know each other. At 12:00 p.m. each day, Hinge provides a list of mutual friends you may be interested in. Because of the mutual friend factor, it is less likely that people will be jerks.


Skout is a social network dating app that connects travelers to locals. The app focuses on location as the prime factor. The app lets you know what other Skout members are in the area, but does not reveal their precise location to ensure security. Browse through profiles and find compatible partners to engage a relationship. This app is perfect for when you are on the road and looking to meet new people. Travel to a new city and experience it with the locals with Skout.

Recently, Skout was praised for their defense of modesty. The social network app has banned bathroom selfies from user profiles in the belief that they lower appeal. They do not want the typical half-dressed girl or shirtless guy showing off his abs littering their dating app. Response rates have been proven to drop significantly when the picture identifies the picture was taken in a bathroom. People are not really interested in those kinds of pictures when they are searching for compatible people, especially people they have never met before.

Aspiring Businesswoman Can Look To Susan McGalla

Women can have a lot of impact on the business world when they set their minds to doing something great. There are some woman who will do things just as well, if not better, than men are doing then. Those kind of women need to gain the courage that they need in order to get started and try for something big with their lives. Their careers can mean something great if they are determined enough to make them count.
Women have hidden away and been scared of being a part of the business world for too long. There is a big intimidation factor in the business world, since it is mostly populated by men, but women should not let that drive them away. Instead, they should learn to band together and to take over the business world. Everything could be theirs if they just tried hard enough to get it for themselves.
Susan McGalla is one businesswoman who was not afraid of going out and trying to become a part of the business world. Maybe it was the way that her parents raised her and the support that they have always shown her, or maybe it was just what she was born to be. Either way, the life that she has lived and all of the brave things that she has done should serve as an inspiration to aspiring businesswomen. The women can take one look at the career that Susan McGalla has had and they can realize that they can do the same. The business world isn’t just for men, anymore. It might mostly be dominated by males, but it is time that that changed. Women need to support each other. They need to start being brave together, so that they can go ahead and take on the business world.
Susan McGalla has done quite a few amazing things in her career. She has made other women proud of her and her accomplishments. Other women could serve as an inspiration, as well, if they just stepped out and did the things that they were meant to do. There should be no more hiding away. It is time that women realized that they have just as much right to the business world as any man has. They need to take their lives in their hands and go out and do something great with them. As long as they have the courage to do that they will accomplish many great things.

FreedomPop Services Are Great For Those Who Need Low Cost Service

Not only does FreedomPop have free cell phone service, but there is Internet service that’s free of charge as well, and it comes with a modem that has Wi-Fi also. Up to eight devices can be connected to the modem at one time, which means that no one will be left out when it’s time to connect to Wi-Fi. Although the Internet plan for the home only includes a certain amount of data, once the limit has been reached, there is still a low-cost of 0.7 cents per megabyte for each megabyte used over the allotment amount. A person can easily save a lot of money each month if they switch to the FreedomPop services, even if they are paying a small monthly fee for their FreedomPop services.

FreedomPop has a great cell phone plan as well. The cell phone plan is completely free of charge if the plan with 200 minutes is selected. This plan includes 500 text messages and 500 MB of data. Anyone who wants to go over the plan that gives 200 minutes can pay for extra minutes individually, or they can pay for the unlimited plan, which is only $20 a month. Although there are different cell phone plans available from, those who feel they cannot stay within the free service allotment should choose a different plan. The unlimited plan may work very well for many people, especially since it’s only $20 per month. The plan gives unlimited services for the cell phone, and the person never has to worry about racking up a bill of more than $20 per month.

A person can either purchase a cell phone from FreedomPop, or they can transfer over a phone that they currently use with another provider. As long as a cell phone is Sprint enabled, then they can use the phone. FreedomPop is even offering a roaming sim card, so FreedomPop users won’t rack up additional charges when they leave the country with their phone. Even if they plan on leaving the country, FreedomPop is now available in the UK, so it’s possible to use FreedomPop cell phone services while in that country.

Another way FreedomPop saves people money is with their international calling plan. It’s possible to use a FreedomPop enabled cell phone to make international calls. It’s better to use a cell phone when making an international phone call, especially since a cell phone can go anywhere the person goes. Most people don’t like using house phones these days, especially when it comes to making long phone calls because they can’t use Bluetooth on the house phone. Take advantage of all the services that FreedomPop has to offer.

How to Write and Edit for Wikipedia

Writing for wikipedia can be a fun task but it can also be a challenge at times. When considering to make a wiki page it is best to figure out why you want to write for the website. It is always recommended to write for Wikipedia in an ethical fashion. There are so many articles on Wikipedia that are written in a bad light that it sometimes takes away from the ultimate reason for the website. Wikipedia was built as a free resource to provide informative information for people all over the globe. There are ways to make writing for Wikipedia a success, it just takes a few basic steps.

Guidelines on Writing for Wikipedia

Wikipedia has a few guidelines on writing articles for the website. Grammar is very important when writing articles for Wikipedia. Individuals wanting to write for the website must write in proper sentences and the spelling must be correct. The information shared on Wikipedia must be accurate. Including inaccurate information on the website can lead the website to pull the article. Providing inaccurate information can also lead to harsher legal issues if the article is about a certain person or group. It is always best to research extensively before writing articles for Wikipedia.

Editing Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia allows anyone to edit a Wikipedia page. If you find inaccurate information on a page, you have the opportunity to edit the page and erase the information and add something new. One must remember that anyone can edit an unprotected page. Individuals cannot edit protected pages. Protected pages consist of pages about certain public figures and governments. A protected page will have a lock icon on the top of the page. Editing a page is very simple. When the page is unprotected, individuals can click the ‘edit’ icon and a new page will appear with the information that can be edited. When an individual is finished editing the page, they can write a summary of the edit and save the page on the top right corner.

Dating Apps Presents Allows for Meeting Someone Any Place at Any Time

There is a great deal a mobile phone can do. With the arrival of cool dating apps, a mobile phone could set the wheels in motion for meeting a life’s partner. For those struggling on the dating scene, such Skout, an app does present a truly helpful solution.

Meeting the right person is not easy. A lot of trial and error is required. The troubling aspect to this is a heart can end up being broken time and time again. Finding a compatible person could very well take a lot of time and effort. Even those who want to put in the effort, they just might not have enough time available. Well, if the person is taking the traditional steps for meeting someone new, a lot of effort is required. Namely, you have to be out and about on the town a lot. Not every wants to go clubbing every weekend and, honestly, the club scene is really not for everyone.

Besides, not everyone is all that great with the club scene. This means they have to be on their proverbial toes to strike up a successful conversation with someone during a chance meeting. Some folks are great at this type of stuff. Others are really not cut out for it.

Meeting people in a library, a laundry, a park, and other public places does take a certain set of skills. While it would be a worthy cause to develop these skills, not everyone has the vaunted time to do so. Why not simply cut all of that out and simply look towards meeting someone through a dating app on a mobile phone.

The dating site Skout has an excellent app for Android that allows single persons to finally break free of the confines of traditional dating venues. Instead, they can use a mobile device to skim the profiles of people who are compatible with them. Millions of people all throughout the globe are members of Skout and the high volume of users makes it easy to locate someone who has similar likes and is probably going to be very compatible.

Online dating helps take those struggling with finding times and places to date. A good app such as one produced by Skout takes all limitations away. Any motivated enough to search out a paramour online can do so when taking the bus home from work, while sitting and waiting for clothes to dry, or anywhere else.

A dating life becomes a lot more dynamic as a result. No longer does a person have to be locked into a set, traditional way of doing things. Dating freedom is at hand.

Visual Effects Bringing Worlds to Life

Visual effects is an ever changing field that is used for subtle manipulations and enhancements in film and music to drastic creations of whole new characters and worlds. Visual effects can be an extremely fanciful or practical and everything in between. The effects help to communicate a story through visual means. The real power of these effects comes not just from the effect its self but from the story it is helping to tell. A picture no matter how beautifully done does not hold the eye or the heart when it does not capture us emotionally or intellectually.

There are many visual artists that have helped to bring to life worlds and characters, making stories come to life. There are few though that bring people back from death like John Textor. John Textor brought back Michael Jackson and TuPac among other for live performances. These are the type of visual effects that not only tell a story but help call forth strong emotional responses while bringing to life the imagination of the artist and audience. This kind of visual effect is ground breaking because of the talent and ingenuity it takes.

Visual effects are not only for the backgrounds of movies and concerts, they can be the leads in the movies singing their own story. Effects have taken amazing leaps forward in the last decade and will continue to take such leaps if headed by such artists as John Textor and those like him. These effects use computer animation to create seamlessly create real personas who look, act, sound and move like some beloved people and some infamous people we lost too soon. An amazing blurring of the line between real and unreal, life and death, this is a new frontier for visual effects but in visual effects we are constantly seeing what we could not have imagined just years ago.

Visual Identification Technology: The Next Step in Human Evolution

When we consider of image recognition technology, we think of scanners, camcorders, smart phones, facial recognition screening devices and not evolutionary biology. Image recognition technology played a pivotal role in jump starting human evolution to make us who we are today. Early humans and pre-humans began to walk erect and look forward. This gave humans the visual recognition technology to distinguish predators from prey and to distinguish edible plants from poisonous plants. The co-evolution of visual recognition equipment and skills evolved with increased brain size, increased running speed and stamina as well as more sophisticated image recognition. This co-evolution helped us survive and master our environments.

We are changing our visual search processing by slyce workload by using new technologies. How is this going to change how our brains and sensory-motor systems look, feel and function? Will we gain the ability to use advanced sensors to identify a terrorist in an airplane boarding line, or will our skills become so dependent on technology that we cannot recognize our own face in a mirror without a facial recognition scanner to tell us that we are looking at ourselves. These examples extrapolate from existing technologies, which are either ready for use or in the product development pipeline.

Let’s look at some interesting visual recognition technologies, which are coming on-line. One approach is that of a company named Slyce. It is a cutting edge image recognition and marketing technology. It works from computers and smart phone apps to take a picture of a product and then match it to a store inventory. They have 17 clients already. Their technology takes the image you capture like a dress or shoes and matches the image to the inventory of a retailer. If there is no exact match, then the software will give you the closest approximation of the image in the store’s inventory. This transaction benefits both the consumers and the retailers. The consumers can then find an object they want, and the retailers can sell products and earn revenue.

Following our evolutionary biology model of how improving image recognition changes physical and social realities, Slyce now posts image recognition etiquette videos. These videos demonstrate how to politely approach people and ask to take a picture of the desired product. This is an innovative combination of technology, software and changing human norms to make a seamless visual recognition, product identification, product selection and purchase flow. Visual recognition technology in general and Slyce Inc. in particular are evolutionary steps that will shape our interaction with our technological, marketing and social future.