Adam Goldenburg And Don Ressler First Became Friends Then Became A Sensational Team

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Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler were the founders of Techstyle Fashion Group, despite their limited knowledge regarding fashion. Their awareness, and drive made the membership-based beauty, clothing, and accessory companies a part of Techstyle Fashion Group successful.

Adam Goldenberg joined the business world at the youthful age of fifteen. His first success was Gamers Alliance, an advertising business for gaming websites. In 1999, the business was bought by Intermix Media. When Adam Goldenberg accepted the position of Vice President of Strategic Planning for the company, he dropped out of high school. His career was established before he reached twenty, when he became the Intermix’s Chief Operating Officer. Don Ressler followed a very similar path. In 2011, he sold Intermix his website. He had already become successful at raising capital, and decided it was time to enter the world of fashion.

Intermix was where the men met, and established a friendship. The result was the creation of Intelligent Beauty in 2006. Their work together turned into brainstorming sessions for a new way to shop online. They were interested in making personalized fashion easier to find, comfortable, and trendy. They created JustFab, as a way for members to enjoy personalized accessories, and athletic clothing with a membership. They educated customers on mixing, and matching different pieces, and provided their members with confidence.

Matrix Partners funded JustFab, and Intelligent Beauty. JustFab was rebranded as Techstyle in 2016, and technology, and fashion were blended. Adam Goldenburg, and Don Ressler were committed to social responsibility. While running profitable, and successful corporation, they additionally improved many lives. When women wear clothing from Techstyle, they gain confidence in the way they look while going to the gym, dancing, and running. Healthy, and confident individuals contribute more to society.

Techstyle has participated in charity events, projects, and community gardens to give something back to the community. They were involved in the Cinderella Project, a charity organization who donated accessories, and gowns to students with very low-incomes. This allowed these students to attend their proms. The two men are successful entrepreneurs with an incredible drive. Their experience achieved from their success combined with their potential will likely result in the creation of more companies further down the road. Their attention is currently placed on Techstyle, and they want this to be the source for accessories, and clothing used by women across the globe. Their active wear will not break the bank, and it looks sensational.

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