Andrew Rolfe: A Man of True Intentions and Clear Vision

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Andrew Rolfe is the head of International division at Gap Inc. Gap Inc. is a success as it one of the leading global retailers that have specialized in offering clothing, accessories, and personal care to both male and female of different age groups. He assumed this role in back in 3rd November when he was in his late thirties. Mr. Rolfe is based in San Francisco which is also the firm headquarters. He is tasked with managing and monitoring the progress of international growth in England, France, Japan, and Germany. The acting Chief Executive Officer of Gap Inc. is Paul Pressler. Pressler has spoken of his trust and confidence over Andrew Rolfe. He appreciated him for his sublime prowess in the International Division sector that aided in making the products from Gap Inc. have a worldwide consumer appeal. This is despite the fact that Andrew has operated in a diverse market and has always excelled in the provision of consumer needs and developing the retail brands.

Initially, Andrew Rolfe was working in the food industry. He was both chairman and Chief Executive Officer at the Pret A manger firm in London. It was worth noting that wherever Andrew worked in, growth and development was an inevitable secondary result. During his tenure in Pret A Manger, he transformed this firm to be one of the most booming entrepreneurial retail firms in the United States. Before he joined Pret A Manger, Andrew worked with Booker Food-service. It was the most booming contract and wholesale distribution firm in the country.

Andrew Wolfe also serves as the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund. The Ubuntu Fund holds an annual Gala that is usually to raise funds to support different projects. However, most of the funds are channeled to Fund’s school campus in Port Elizabeth. With the right amount of funds, the Ubuntu fund will extend its wing further in the country to benefit the less privileged youth and reinstate their visions. As Andrew developed further in Gap Inc., he had a desire to work and serve both in more senior roles and firms. Recently, Andrew is known to have the interest of quitting Gap Inc. to join TowerBrook Capital Partners in a more advanced role.

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