Anthony Petrello Engages Intensively in Leadership and Charity

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Anthony Petrello has lived to impress most people with his good work and successful achievements ever since he was a small boy. Switching from mathematics to law was one of the major steps in his life. He was awarded scholarship by Yale’s University where he pursued a degree in mathematics. As days went by, he realized that his passions were not entirely for his first career and hence enrolled at Harvard Law School to study law.

At the epitome of his career, he managed to serve in various industries such as Baker & McKenzie and Nabor Industries where he is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer. His steps to leadership have been very inspiring because there is no one time that he has allowed himself to fail in his duties.

While at Nabors Industries, he began to serve as the company’s business lawyer and later promoted to his current position. Throughout his life, he has always wanted to do everything at his level best and with this kind of determination, the company has managed to accomplish great success. One of the major achievements that Nabor Industries will live to remember him for is the acquisition of many other law firms including Grace Drilling.

Moreover, Anthony Petrello has ensured that Nabor Industries maintain its operational standards and work toward improving their businesses so as to grow the company. His commitments and passions have constantly inspired his employees to maintain levels of productivity. This was, the company has managed to record the growth of every department.

What’s more is that Anthony Petrello is also a philanthropist who deeply cares about the needs of others. His main area of interest has been Texas Children’s Hospital where kids are treated for neurological disorders. Anthony Petrello and his beloved wife have grown to be a part of this community to the point of him being elected the head of neurological research. He has greatly impacted the lives of these children and their parents by the help that he has given them.

Most importantly, Anthony Petrello and his wife donated lump sums to the paediatric hospital and this generous donation has been used to renovate and acquire more hospital facilities. The doctors have hence had the chance to provide their care in good working environments hence motivating them to keep up with their good work. It is evident that a hand that gives, receives. Anthony Petrello has been a true instance of this saying.

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