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Anthony Petrello is a renowned man in the United States. He was named one of the best-paid CEOs a few years ago. He has put his money to good use through his philanthropic deeds. Anthony Petrello is currently Nabor Industries Limited Chief Operating Officer.

When Anthony Petrello and his wife were blessed with their daughter, they found out that she had a condition, cerebral palsy. They went to various doctors but they noticed that they were not satisfied with what was currently been done about the condition. They decided to give out millions of dollars to fund the research surrounding cerebral palsy, particularly in children. From the donation, the hoped that more people would benefit from the results of the research that was conducted. Mr. and Mrs. Petrello donation also went towards starting a center that would expand the capabilities of care given to the children with this condition. The people who work at the center are able to take good care of the children with cerebral palsy while still maintaining exemplary services to the rest of the patients.

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Anthony Petrello came from a humble background and has always worked hard to achieve his dreams. He achieved good grades that earned him a college scholarship. He was offered a scholarship by his professor to study at the Yale University years back. When his professor passed on, Tony did not forget the good gesture. He donated money to the University to support with their activities in remembrance of his good professor.

At Nabors, Tony has nurtured a giving spirit. When the Hurricane Harvey occurred, a lot of people in Texas and other surrounding places were left homeless. Some of the companies stepped in to assist the victims of this hurricane. Nabors was one of the companies that responded with urgency to the situation. The team at Nabors volunteered to assist with relief efforts that were been made at the time. The team contributed towards assisting the victims who were affected by this hurricane and Tony decided to match their contribution before donating his own chunk.

Nabors has also contributed towards other causes by donating funds to Bike MS and Susan G. Komen Foundation. Aside from that, Nabors have their own foundation that has contributed generously towards scholarships for both children and adults. As a leader, he has played a huge part in molding his team to be open towards social responsibility in the community. Leading by example, he portrays an exemplary example to the people who look up to him.

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