Cancer Treatment Centers of America Provide Additional Care For All Cancer Issues

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Many people don’t understand all of the other issues that present themselves when a person is being treated for cancer. Not everyone reacts the same to treatment, and there are other reactions in addition to the ones caused by the chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery which are traditional methods of treatment.

People have side effects and recovery issues with traditional treatments. Surgery takes time of recovery, as does radiation and chemotherapy. These processes affect not only the physical person, but there are emotional and mental issues too. Fatigue, pain, sickness, difficulty in eating, weakness and general malaise and self-doubt are common among cancer patients who are being treated.

A recent study showed that up to 80 percent of adults who are being treated for cancer are malnourished and about 70 percent of them have great fatigue during their treatment. These are times when patients need a great deal of support along with their treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America works out an individual plan for each patient, taking all of these other circumstances into consideration. It may be that alternative medicine, more special vitamin regimens, and other forms of treatment are necessary for the patient to be more capable of carrying on as far as the day-to-day routine.

CTCA calls the process their Integrative Care system where the conventional treatments plus the supportive therapies meet; the Integrative Care becomes the total sum of its parts. The traditional treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, genomic testing, hormone therapy and immunotherapy.

The supportive therapies can include naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, oncology rehab, acupuncture, pain management, spiritual support, and mind-body medicine. It is very difficult to heal when you are down and out, tired and mixed up. The state of emotion of an individual has a lot to do with how effective recovery can be. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has long experience in these areas and how it all works.

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