Cassio Audi Finds Success As A Financial Expert After Starting Life With A Very Different Career Path

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Across the planet there are very few investment specialists who have the background of Cassio Audi, a former musician who has made his name as an investment specialist who has found his way to continued success opening up the financial markets of Brazil to everyday investors who have found success following the tips and advice of the former JP Morgan Chase banker. For those who feel they may have already heard the name Cassio Audi somewhere in the past, the man who now explores various investment options was once the drummer for the heavy metal band, Viper.

Current or former followers of the heavy metal genre will recall Viper became famous off the back of their first studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise” that was released in 1987 to great critical acclaim. Cassio Audi may have only been a teenager at the time the album was released, but he and his fellow teenage members of Viper were praised by critics around the world for the success they achieved in their work as musicians of the highest order.

Cassio Audi became known for the excellence of his musical ability as a young musician and found a great level of national and international success with Viper before deciding the life of a musician was not for him. In the months preceding the launch of the second Viper album, “Theatre of Fate” the sound of the band was shaped by the drumming of Cassio Audi as he helped shape the album before leaving to return to his studies. Although he may have left behind the dreams of heavy metal stardom he once harbored as a younger man, Audi has found an equal measure of success as a financial and investment specialist who is consistently looking for greater success on many different stages.

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