ClassDojo Application Plays a Significant Role in Education

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ClassDojo is a startup that was started in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. To make improvements on their ClassDojo application, the founders have been seeking for investors to fund them in expanding their market and adding more features to ClassDojo application.

With more features and content added to the ClassDojo app, its founders are confident that the time will be ripe to move to the next step that involves the introduction of a premium package. With the app’s reception in the market, critics have agreed that ClassDojo could join the likes of Netflix and Spotify as the leading subscription service in the education sector.

In a recent venture funding, ClassDojo raised $21 million. This totaled the amount collected from venture funding to more than $31 million. The company’s regular improvements had moved their application from an education technology accelerator level to Y Combinator level.

ClassDojo acts as a communication platform that helps teachers to engage with parents and to access innovative learning tools to use with their students.

Hemant Taneja, an executive officer from General Catalyst, confirmed that they were supporting ClassDojo to enhance their application to cater for all needs of parents and teachers. Mr. Taneja affirmed that he was confident that in the future, parents could use Class Dojo application to buy learning materials for their kids and make fee payments.

To date, ClassDojo plays important roles in the education field. Parents and teachers have regular communications on student’s education progress, and folks use the platform to encourage and mentor students to achieve success.

For instance, ClassDojo has teamed up with Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales to help grow the mindset of children. In the program, animated videos will be used to engage students in activities that boost growth mindset.

Currently, ClassDojo application is being used by teachers in two-thirds of schools in United Sates and by teachers in 180 other countries worldwide. This is because the communication platform has helped to seal different gaps that existed in the standard classroom. Sam and Liam designed the application after discussing with parents and educators on what they considered necessary to include in the application.

ClassDojo has attracted more investors like GSV, Reach Capital, and Signalfire since the application is unique when compared to other education technology applications. Already, it is the most downloaded application compared to other educational products from companies like Fresh Grade and Kickboard. As a result, ClassDojo has been tipped to become the favorite subscription service associated with education.

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