ClassDojo has Become the Universal Communication App for Educators

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ClassDojo has been a rather powerful app in the school system. It has changed the way that people think about everything when it comes to sharing information. Students that have wondered if there was a way to stay in touch with their teachers when it comes to class assignments or special projects can utilize this app. The principal that wants all of his teachers to be on the same page in concerns to parent and teacher communication can implement this app. There are so many different uses for this ClassDojo app. The interesting thing about it is that the app is only 5 years old so this company is just getting started.

It is an app that has been downloaded on smart phones, iPads and Galaxy Tablets millions of times. It is just the app that students may need if they may have a question that they wanted to ask a teacher about a homework assignment. All students are not going to ask questions when they really have a question to ask in class. Some students are shy. Fortunately, there are alternative methods to getting your questions answered if you feel embarrassed about asking questions in school. This is what the ClassDojo app is allowing kids to do. They can interact with their teachers if they have failed to completely understand projects as well. This happens often. Kids will get home, and they will discover that they don’t have all the details or that they didn’t really understand the instructions until they got home.

ClassDojo is the app that has become known for helping students stay connected, but it opens the door for communication between teachers and parents. This is a community that can thrive because there is finally a piece of software in place that can facilitate better communication between educators and the parents of the children they teach. It is evident that the manifestation of better technology has resulted in the elevation of quicker communication between teachers and students. There was once a time where teachers would send home a note with children and they may have to wait for days to discovered whether or not parents had even received the letter. With the evolution of software technology and smart devices this is not the case anymore. ClassDojo takes away that need for paper copies of notes. Teachers can send notes to parents instantly with ClassDojo.

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