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Education and technology is a current trend that is fast growing day in day out, and they also enable fun learning for children as well as easier work for the teachers thus creating a win-win situation. ClassDojo is one such advancement that has not been left behind, and it is a communications app which enables easier for teachers, parents as well as the students to share whatever is happening at their school.

The education technology companies, however, assume that they are perfectly aware of what both students and teachers. These companies ought to consult the parties involved to get real first-hand information on what the situation is before coming up with new technologies. ClassDojo, for instance, is way successful as its co-founder was keen to listen to what teachers, parents, and students had to say thus it helps bridge the communication gap.

A lot of edtech products today are in the market thus it might be a bit of a tricky decision to get the right tools. Over the past decade, a lot of efforts have been put to promote modernization of classes and schools for instance, by the introduction of online classes. However, as it is, just coming up with a new edtech device is not enough. The respective companies ought to support teachers just as ClassDojo does. The app mainly connects concerned parties in a school, and this helps build a great classroom community. It also makes follow up on the student’s performance as well as discipline easier.

The app has been reviewed by many as amazing, and when it was founded, its founders determined that it would be really easy to use and would cut across the board as it affects everyone. Parents are always concerned about their children’s welfare and the app helps them get a closer insight of what they are really up to in school thus helps reduce a lot of worries.

Other than being helpful, the ClassDojo app is also fun to use and saves teachers, parents, and students a lot of hassle if at all need for communication arises. I would encourage you to use the app as it is a really good one and move along with the current trends in education technology.

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