Clayton Hutson and The Success He’s Gained With The Help of DiGiCo

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Sometimes the really good things that form the foundation of a project are hidden in plain eyes. Indeed, there are magnificent leaders today that just function without the people knowing. In the case of sound production and management of tours of musicians, one of the music leaders that stand out today would be Clayton Hutson.



The DiGiCo User



One of the many things that Clayton Hutson has involved himself in is his use and trust for the new musical instrument DiGiCO. Right now, it’s fantastic that DiGICo has already released its first SD11 console, and the debut has been met with a lot of excitement and energy, including from Clayton Hutson.



It’s also impressive to know that Clayton has given a lot of trust to such musical device, knowing that there’s a lot of instruments and music control tools he can use to make sure that he performs well in his productions.



Clayton Hutson is not new in the tools that have been given by the DiGiCo platform. Over the years, he’s used the DiGiCo tools to make sure that his musical productions don’t get through any error. He’s even used the platform to produce Marilyn Manson’s concert. Ten years ago, the musical output of Marilyn Manson was so instrumental in Clayton Hutson’s career.



The most important thing in the life of Clayton Hutson is always to produce the high music that he can do with the right tools. Fortunately, DiGiCo has his back in giving all these essential tools to him. Even during DiGiCo’s first production of the hand-built D5 with Marilyn Manson, Clayton Hutson has already shown that he needs the right tools to get the work done for him.



Clayton Hutson’s Success



Along with the success that he has gained with the work he’s done with DiGiCo, Clayton has also shown his best to make sure that the production work and tours that he organizes are always a success.



You may also want to know that Clayton Hutson has built a name for being one of the most reliable and efficient sound engineers and production managers in the industry. His reputation has also been bedecked with a list of productions that have been a massive success in the music industry.



Some of the services that are offered by Clayton Hutson include logistics management, stage management, and show productions. He’s also done Monitor Engineering and Production Designs for various events. Learn more:



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