Commitment of Nabor Industries’ President and CEO, Tony Petrello

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Despite the fact that most of the Americans have speculation that the oil executives are greedy and in vain, it is different for the personality of Tony Petrello. At the moment, Tony works at Nabors Industries in the position of the CEO and that of the President.

Before turning out to be a respected Chief Executive Officer of Nabor Industries, he continually became known for his caring heart. Additionally, his philanthropic efforts kept growing particularly after the birth of his daughter who was premature. He stands out as a clear sample of a CEO whose attitude is generous alongside the provision of help to the charitable institutions.

Looking at his academic success, Tony possesses two degrees in the field of Mathematics which he acquired from Yale University. This adds up to his other degree from the Harvard School of Law. From the look of his success all along, Tony Petrello had the potential of getting to the position of a professor of Mathematics. However, his passion took him a different route. He, therefore, decided to look into a job related to the oil industry.

Together with his wife, Tony has committed themselves to know and get the appropriate treatment for the illness that claimed the life of their daughter. In line with the view of Cynthia Petrello, a majority of the parents expect no problems with their children at the time of birth. She outlines that the encounter acted as a humiliation to them as a couple. It is for this reason that they started praying to God to offer them divine intervention. According to Cynthia’s explanation, the knelt to pray to God to provide a miraculous cure.

His early life started in Newark in New Jersey where she was born. It is after quitting the job at New York that he decided to move to Houston. She got into the post of the president at Nabors Industries in the year 1991. The company’s extensive recognition is alongside being the largest contractor globally regarding drilling. Several oil firms do hire Tony to help them drill oil.

It is evident that there exists inadequate research for the children having brain disorders. Tony is a participant at Texas Children’s Hospital Panel of Trustees. Together with his wife, he approached different research institutes to make inquiries concerning the treatment of the condition of their daughter.

It is worth noting that premature birth can result in serious complications. It may lead to the acquirement of cerebral palsy affecting the motor skills and featuring delays in development.

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