Communication Is Easy With The ClassDojo App

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ClassDojo is a free classroom app that allows teachers and parents to keep track of behavior in the classroom. Teachers can create an account on the official ClassDojo website, and the app can be used on a tablet or computer.

Once teachers sign up, they can create a profile for each student in their class. Every profile features the name and avatar of the student. Teachers can assign positive and negative points to each student during a lesson. The points are known as dojos on the app, and students can hear an alert whenever their teacher assigns a point during the day. Teachers may leave the alerts on to encourage students to earn positive points. If teachers find the alerts to be too distracting, they have the option to turn them off through the settings. The points are saved to the student profile to be reviewed throughout the school year.

Every parent is given a unique login to review the feedback of their child. They are able to view the points and messages from the teacher. Teachers can also use the app to post photos, videos and notes for each lesson. Parents and students can also use ClassDojo to share media and messages with their teacher and classmates.

ClassDojo is a great way for teachers to encourage participation and good behavior. Parents can encourage their children to do their best by checking their positive and negative feedback throughout the year. Students can use the app to share their media, ideas and other thoughts with their classmates. The app allows everyone to communicate and stay on the same page during each lesson.

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