David McDonald: Stamping OSI Group’s International Presence

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Running an international company with branches across the world can be a little bit tasking in that you can’t operate as one-size fits all kind of thing. With the varied laws and regulations available in different countries, such networks must be operated differently in order to ensure that they are not at loggerheads with the governments they operate in. OSI Group is such kind of company which has branches in the United States, Europe, China, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The talent pool in such regions, the cultural differences, and consumer preferences are among the factors which determine how the company will be run in such places.

The Company’s President, Mr. David McDonald is very enthusiastic about their global presence and says that they are well positioned globally with a large network of branches across the globe with the best operation teams in such offices and plants. He goes on to say that OSI Group has a scale in size global operation which comprises of local management teams which have greater understanding of the local cultures and tastes and preferences. The local teams are the core of the company’s efficiency in their respective regions.

With its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, the Group is the leading supplier of rich-protein food items including beef pastries and sausage links worldwide. The group is also a supplier of pizza and sandwiches to other leading retail and foodservice companies. So far, the company operates over 50 facilities in about 17 countries, and other more facilities are still under construction. OSI Group’s success is based upon its local solution strategies and global efficiency.

For the past 20 years, the Group has stamped its presence in China and continues to grow its network with the country’s economic growth. In September 2012, OSI Group held 20th anniversary since setting an office in the country in 1992. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the company had the honor of supplying the event with over 113 tons of five types of food which included beef, eggs, pork, chicken and dehydrated onions. Ever since, the company has been the trusted supplier of some of the big brands in the country such as Papa John’s, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway, Saizeriya, Burger King, and Yum.

About David McDonald

Mr. Dave is the President and COO at OSI Group. Earlier on, he had served as OSI industries’ Project Manager. He is also the Chairman of America’s Meat Institute. Mr. McDonald also serves as a board member of OSI Group. He is also the Director of OSI International Foods’, Australian branch. McDonald studied Animal Science at Iowa State University.

About OSI Group: www.fooddrink-magazine.com/sections/producers/1308-osi-group

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