Defy Your Age with Dr. Dove Rand

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Dr. Dov Rand is a one of a kind anti-aging doctor. instead of suggesting a face lift, he suggest a change in dietary method. That’s right he helps treats his patients through a variety of changes in day to day living. By attacking the core of the problem he can decide to change someone‚Äôs eating habits, physical therapy, and even hormone based treatment. Dr. Dov Rand has successfully helped treat peoples menopause, erectile dysfunction, weight gain and many more.

Dr. Dov Rand sends all patients through a series of blood tests to determine the current health status of the patient. It also helps tell if someone has vitamin or mineral deficiencies due to aging. When Dr. Dov gets all the information he can then begin to create a one of a kind program, specifically built for every individual.

patients often feel the effects of their programs very fast, enjoying new found energy and motivation. Dr. Dov Rand dose realize that sometimes patients will have a hard time dealing with certain dietary changes. Part of the testing is to see if you have any food allergies even you may not have been aware of. This can cause physiological problems, but Dr. Dov is very understanding and programs the easiest way to get away from said food (Defrancostraining).

Dr. Dov Rand has not only found the easiest way to become more active, but has also may have found a natural solution to erectile dysfunction in older men. A mixture od dietary change and physical therapy, men with ED can often recover. Weight gain, depression and bad eating are the three main reason men get ED. So by dropping weight you feel better and when you feel better you eat better easier. It’s all a cycle and that’s why Dr. Dov Rand uses the treatments to break cycles.

Dr. Dov Rand is one of the best in his field, and continues to show the world his personalized plans. He shows every patient respect and dignity, and comes with the understanding that age happens to everyone. His technique of breaking aging illness from the root problem is ingenious. This is why everyone wants to go and see Dr. Dov Rand.


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