Don Ressler Excels in the Women’s Sportswear Industry

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Women are often stuck between fashion and affordability when it comes to choosing athletic wear. In fact, the women’s athletic wear market has been defined by functionality and fashion for quite a long time. With women’s sportswear market at an all-time high in 2010, Don Ressler took notice of the trends. After realizing that demand for women’s athletic wear was not going to slow anytime soon, Don Ressler teamed up with Adam Goldenberg to start Fabletics. Their mission was to create affordable, fashionable, and functional activewear.

By joining forces, the duo came up with a revolutionary vision for women’s sportswear market. Instead of focusing on the current market trends, they would focus on customer demand. Through focus groups and consumer tests, Don Ressler and Adam realized that problems in the women’s sportswear market were consistent across the board. Women’s activewear were often garish, ill-fitting, and expensive. Besides, the quality was abysmal and less than comfortable. In short, it was difficult to find an outfit that felt comfortable without spending a fortune. As a result, Don Ressler brought Kate Hudson as the brand ambassador.

Branding in the sports fashion industry was relatively ubiquitous, and only a few brands could target women. Nonetheless, actress Kate Hudson brought an appealing, friendly, and confident face. With Kate Hudson as the brand ambassador, Fabletics will connect to masses by solidifying its relationship with consumers. With her ability to build relationships and passion for the world of media, Kate Hudson came onboard as a co-founder. She works tirelessly to improve Fabletics’ online presence. Working through several hiccups, Don Ressler was able to punch through complexity, one of the biggest foes in the women’s sportswear market. Manufacturers often found it challenging to design both functional and fashionable pair of sports pants. Nonetheless, Don Ressler’s experience in the sportswear industry and focus helped to improve the quality of women’s activewear.

One aspect that set Fabletics apart from the competition is that it had a solidified grassroots appeal and strong online presence. Riding on Kate Hudson’s great exceptional conversation skills and charisma, Fabletics was able to consolidate its online presence. Besides online sales, the firm developed a discount pricing system. A customer could just sign up for Fabletics VIP and pay a $50 monthly fee. In exchanging of signing up as a Fabletics VIP, a customer would receive rewards, free transportation, and discounted pricing.

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