Doug Levitt Brings The World Of On the Road To His Audiences

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The allure of the open road has long held the imagination of every young writer, musician, and dreamer as the possibilities of discovery hang around every highway sign. Long has the pull of the road been felt by mainstream artists who have found fame, inspiration, and a better vision of the country they live in, most notable among those, Jack Kerouac, aptly wrote about the drawing power of open stretches of road.


Since the advent of the automobile opened up stretches of America that would have otherwise gone largely unnoticed by outsiders, young visionaries have taken to the highway system that crosses across the vast distance that is America in search of what drives them. For some a sense of purpose and discovery, for others, a search for their true self, and for some others just a new adventure led them to abandon a “normal” life in favor of one traveling from one unknown location to another unknown destination.


The open road takes forefront again in another outing by a famed American artist, this time the journey across the country made by musician, artist, writer, and former correspondent Doug Levitt. With a colorful repertoire including a position working as a war correspondent for CNN, it may seem odd that Doug Levitt would take off to travel among the often overlooked underbelly of America. Though for Doug Levitt, the need to see America and travel by bus seems the only natural choice.


Along the way, Doug Levitt has encountered quite a few characters and interesting individuals while crossing the expanses of America. Each encounter has become the basis of Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries, a multimedia recollection of his time spent riding around on Greyhound buses. The collection of writings, musings, songs, and pictures paint a picture of a world wholly unknown to a vast majority of Americans. As the bus system has become used by only a select minority of society. Doug Levitt’s account of his time on the road is simultaneously engaging and informative.


The artist and musician has taken a break from his travels to go on tour in support of his release.


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