Edward Honig: Working with a Reliable Cardiologist in New York Like For Your Well-being

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Are you in the New York and you are looking for the best cardiologist to do a medical check on you? Edward Honig is the man you are looking for. A cardiologist is a doctor who has specialized in blood vessels, the heart, and the cardiovascular system as a whole. A cardiologist offers medication and treatment for heart attacks, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and heart murmurs. These conditions are very complex, and one needs a competent doctor to diagnose and treat them.

Services offered by cardiologists

Assessment and diagnostic testing – cardiologist evaluates the condition of the patient’s heart and vascular system. This is done using various diagnostic tools such as x-rays and other laboratory equipment used in cardiac imaging. He/she also can ask the patient questions so that he can get a clear picture of patients’ lifestyle and habits.

Offer Medication and advice – after assessment, the cardiologist should prescribe number drugs that will treat the affected individual. He/she should also advise the patients on healthy living that will help prevent these diseases.

Electrophysiology – this is a specialty that is used to treat heart rhythm disorders. A cardiologist will implant a pacemaker into patient’s body through a minor surgical procedure. Electrophysiology is also used to provide an electric shock to the heart to restart a heartbeat or even correct irregular heart rhythm.

Edward Honig; a reliable cardiologist in NY

Edward Honig has vast experience in the medical sector, and he has specialized in cardiology. He studied at Duke University School of Medicine which is one of the best in the world. He has a NY State Medical License, thus works very well as a competent cardiologist. Apart from having medical license, he is working at Glen Cove Hospital in New York.

He has treated many patients with heart attacks, hypertension among other cardiovascular system complications. For one to be able to reach his level, on has to copy his desire to learn more about the new developments in the cardiology sector. Edward is always updating his skills and is up to date to avoid being irrelevant in the industry. He advises patients who go to see him on a healthy lifestyle to prevent some heart diseases caused by avoidable factors.

Reasons to visit a cardiologist from time to time

High blood pressure – if you have high blood pressure you should always visit a cardiologist to determine the risk of the heart.

If you are a smoker or have been a smoker – smoking possesses great danger to heart health as it lowers oxygen intake, thus increasing blood pressure and causing heart rhythm. Therefore, it is advisable to see a cardiologist for checkups.

Chest pains around the heart – many diseases come with chest pain as a symptom. Therefore, you should not assume it, just visit a cardiologist for a proper diagnosis.

Prevent dangerous hearts complications that can be handled if detected early – some heart diseases symptoms take time before they are identified; thus it is very advisable to go for cardiology check-ups.

From above it is evident that cardiologists are very important. In the New York, there are many cardiologists including Edwin Honig who are highly trained and have vast experience. Visit Glen Cove hospital, and you will be assessed by Edwin, and I assure you he will offer treatment that won’t disappoint you.


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