Emulating the Philanthropic Works of George Soros

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George Soros is a Hungarian-American author, business guru, investor and great philanthropist. He was born in1930, in Budapest Hungary, George Soros is worth 23 billion United States Dollars and is considered one of the world’s most exceptional business people.Born to Tivadar, his father, and Elizabeth, George Soros escaped the Nazi occupation of Hungary and immigrated to London in 1947. He attended the London School of Economics. It was while studying there that Soros took up various jobs to survive. He worked as a railway porter, a waiter, he sold items on the seaside and even worked at a souvenir shop.When George Soros realized he needed to do more, he started writing to various merchant banks in London. Even though he ended up getting one or two replies.In 1951, George Soros got his degree in philosophy from the London School of Economics. Three years later he earned a Masters in Philosophy also from the London School of economics.

After graduating, George Soros became a traveling salesman. George dealt with fancy good at the Welsh seaside resorts. It was after this that he joined Singer & Friedlander. He started off as a clerk, and this was the beginning of his financial career. He then moved on to be arbitrage department before moving to New York in 1956. In New York, he worked as an arbitrage trader for F.M. Mayer. There George Soros’ main focus was on European stocks. In 1959, Soros went on to join Wertheim & Company where he served as an analyst of European Securities. With hard work and dedication, Soros was able to make a name for himself in the stock and securities market. George rose to the position of Vice President of Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder after joining the firm in 1963. It is the lack of enthusiasm in the job that made him form the Double Hedge Fund in 1969. Not long after its formation, the fund was worth over $12 million after starting with close to $4 million. This success made Soros start the Soros Fund in 1970 and served as the Chairman.

George Soros started actively getting involved in politics from 2004. He is said to have been a large donor in the 2004 United States Presidential elections. Furthermore, George Soros donated a sum of $1 million to the super PAC in 2009. This was in a bid to support the re-election of President Barack Obama. This is just to mention the numerous works and contributions he has made to the world of politics not only in America but all over the world. Mr. Soros is also known all over for his philanthropy and great works to help people. Among many other works, one of the most notable ones is the pumping of 18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations. Open society Foundations is a grant-making foundation that has branches all over the globe. It mainly focuses on issues of democracy, combating injustices and discriminations, among many others. Truly, Soros’ love for people and his devotion to helping them is one that should be emulated by everyone around the globe.

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