End Citizens United Changing The Way The Elections Are Funded

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End Citizens United has been working for the past few years to end the rule of corporations in the United States’ politics. The corporations and affluent individuals entirely overtake the political landscape of United States, and it seems like the trend would continue to be the same in the future as well if nothing is done about it soon.

End Citizens United wants that the Supreme Court pulls back its decision was made in 2010, that gave the corporation’s the power to spend as much money they want to during the elections. If the illicit use of the money during the elections is not stopped, the interest of  general population would be crushed by the government in power over the benefit of the wealthy corporations and individuals.

End Citizens United was formed by Tiffany Mueller, who serves as its President currently. The primary aim of the political action committee is to legally overturn the decision of the Supreme Court of 2010 in the case of Citizens United and FEC. It would limit the use of corporate money in the elections and make it impossible for the wealthy individuals and corporations to manipulate the outcome of the elections.

These days, the presidential elections in the country have become a glamorous affair due to the use of a vast amount of money being spent by the companies and affluent individuals. If the amount of money spent by these enterprises can be limited, it would become easier to make elections a neutral and fair process like earlier. End Citizens United have been trying new ways to reach out to as many people as possible across the country, and their efforts seem to be making dents now in the attempts of the corporations to manipulate elections. It is because many political candidates are publicly denouncing the use of corporate money, and it is these political candidates that the End Citizens United wants to endorse in the elections.

There are many political candidates that the ECU is endorsing, and some of the candidates are Matt Morgan, Gary Trauner, Rick Neal, Max Rose, Kathy Manning, and others. With the help of these political candidates, End Citizens United aim to build a majority in the Congress in the future regarding candidates that support the refusal of corporate money. It is what would help in passing the law that would help in reforming the campaign finance rules.

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