End Citizens United Leading PAC in the United States Fighting for Campaign Finance Reform

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Political elections should be fair and neutral without any bias as it is the fundamental requirement of democracy. However, in the United States, the balance in the elections seems to have been lost in the last few years after the Supreme Court decided in favor of the Citizens United, a PAC that has been trying to make funding of election campaigns through the corporate entities easy. With the Supreme Court ruling of 2010 in effect, it becomes easy for the corporate to provide funds in the elections without any restrictions or fear of the law. The amount of funding that the corporate companies have been pushing in the polls has made it difficult for the independent political candidates to win. The outreach of the corporate-backed political candidates always wins while the candidates who have no backing lose the elections easily.

The population is influenced by the lavish election campaigns made possible with big money provided by the corporate companies. End Citizens United was started by Tiffany Mueller in 2015 as a political action committee that would work relentlessly to stop the corporate companies from taking advantage of the loopholes in the law and funding the elections without any accountability. End Citizens United aims to overturn the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United Vs. the FEC case to ensure that the election campaigns are fair and neutral. The lavish campaigns that are designed these days by high profile PR companies make it possible to influence the mindset of the voters and smear the image of their opponents, who don’t have vast election funding with them.

End Citizens United has been engaged in wide-scale nationwide protests and online campaigns to gather support from the people. It depends on the donations it gets online from the people online, and it can be as low as a dollar as well. End Citizens United has resolved to end the campaign finance issue once and for all in a constitutional manner and ensure that there is a balance in the elections that people can trust. Most of the times, the political candidates make a lot of promises and forgets about the same once elected. It is because they have to attend to the demands of the corporate companies with the backing of whom they were elected in the first place. However, with the help of End Citizens United and their funding, the political candidates who have been elected with the money of the people would be elected. It aims to make elections more reliable and impenetrable by the corporate companies.

End Citizens United’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/EndCitizensUnitedPAC

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