End Citizens United pushes for campaign finance reform

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End Citizens United wants to end the influence of corporate money on politics. The organization started after the United States Supreme Court reaffirmed its legal stance that corporations have the same legal rights as all citizens. Some people misrepresent this position as saying the supreme court said that corporations are people.

The grass-roots political action committee wants to end the corporate influence on government. Its founders believe that the current setup allows corporations and lobbyists easy access to politicians as long as they belong to organizations that can afford to pay for the politician’s time. Even former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders criticized the undue influence corporations have on American politics.

Because of their focus, the organization, which is incorrectly listed as a for-profit organization on Crunchbase’s database, refuses to take money from corporations or political action committees. It does its work by endorsing and backing candidates who want to overhaul the current campaign finance reform system. Most of the candidates backed by End Citizens United so far have been members of the Democratic Party, gut End Citizens United pledges to back any candidate who lives up to their goals. Two candidates in the 2018 midterm elections have earned extremely high praise from End Citizens United for refusing to take donations from political action committees and corporations.

No one believes that corporations are people, including the supreme court justices who made the ruling in Citizens United vs the Federal Election Commission. Despite this, End Citizens United knows that the corporate oligarchs continue to abuse this ruling to get politicians to pass favorable legislation. The ruling itself did not set this precedent. The precedent comes from a court case against a railroad company in the late 1800s. That case, unlike the one that sparked ECU’s formation did not gain widespread public attention.

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