End Citizens United Supports a Better Country for All Citizens

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End Citizens United is a political action committee. They have supported several big things in politics, but are firmly against Citizens United. They know that corporations aren’t people, so they are going to do what they can to make sure the corporations do not continue to have the same power in elections that average citizens have. The purpose of the committee is to consistently vote against issues that would come up as a result of the corporation’s big interests in politics. The committee does not believe that any corporation should have the same power to donate and spend money on elections that average citizens have.

When a corporation is able to “buy” into an election, it takes the power away from all the people who are actually spending their money to support a candidate they like. The problem that comes is when corporations are able to spend far more money than average Americans. It reduces the impact citizens have on the election and makes it hard for them to make any sort of dent in the donation process. For the people who are working to help support all their candidates, this can be troublesome. For people who have spent everything they can, this can be devastating. If citizens are unable to donate money without the worry of corporate turmoil competing against them, they won’t ever be able to make a difference in the campaign of the people who they are supporting.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with this type of system is that politicians will have issues as a result. If a corporation donates a lot of money to their cause, they will be more likely to make decisions geared toward that corporation. It can create a lot of problems and an unfair government. In fact, governments that allow big corporations to spend on elections as if they were citizens often have much higher rates of corruption in the government. The United States will continue to be rife with corruption as long as people are allowing the corporations to donate any amount of money they feel like to the politician.

Since things will continue to get worse, action committees like End Citizens United have to do something. In fact, ECU is doing everything they can to put a stop to the ridiculous law. As long as the committee is working to do something, there is a chance that things will get better and the Citizens United ideas will be outlawed. The committee is doing it for the citizens of the country so they can have a chance at a political system that is fair. The committee wants to make everything better for all the people who vote in the United States.

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