Equities First Growth Continues

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The impressive growth of Equities First Holdings, LLC continues apace. With offices in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, the firm’s reach is truly global. Expansion into the Asian markets was achieved through new offices in Singapore, Jakarta, and Bangkok. Through the firm’s strong growth, the reach, and native knowledge of the team will continue to serve its clients’ needs very effectively.

On average, Equities First has enjoyed an annual growth rate of about 30% in the period from its inception in 2002 through 2014. EFH is well positioned to advise both individuals and firms in their non-purpose capital needs. The stock-based loans provided by the firm are a good alternative to more ordinary bank loans. Their products boast a lower than market interest rate, and a historically higher loan to value rate between 60% to 80%.

From their headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, the EFH team works tirelessly to continuously innovate and improve their processes in order to better meet their clients’ needs. Their track record speaks for itself, with approximately one thousand transactions closed, for an ever-growing client roster. The clients of Equities First include numerous multi-national firms, as well as experienced, high-net worth investors.

When considering the capital acquisition options available in today’s market, do not limit the search to the usual choices of bank loans and credit. By utilizing a stock backed loan from EFH for capital needs, a lower interest rate can be realized, along with fast liquidity, as well as a greater access to capital on a percentage basis.EFH is becoming a leader in the global marketplace of stock-based lending. In a volatile environment, it is important to utilize the best financial partners that will provide capital for the long haul. The team at EFH considers each client a partner.


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