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Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO of Tempus. He was born in 1969 and had a interesting time working his way to the top. He began his career selling carpet in Michigan. He then proceeded to buy an apparel company. In 2005, Lefkofsky created a logistics company, Echo Global Logistics. In 2015, he became Chairman of Groupon and in 2016, he created Tempus.

Tempus is a health-tech startup that Lefkofsky is extremely passionate about. He had never had a personal experience with cancer until his wife was diagnosed. He wanted to fix the holes that he noticed existed in data collection and digital technology for cancer patients. Tempus aims to collect an extensive amount a data in a more efficient manner in order to get the best use of it. The purpose of Tempus is to modernize cancer treatment.

Tempus works by providing healthcare professionals with certain tools to better treat their cancer patients. This includes personalized, data-driven treatment decisions by collecting information from the patient’s genetic code to provide molecular therapies. Doctors can now understand a patient’s tumor clearly with this technology.

Everyone has seen the pain that cancer can cause. In 2014, it was estimated that 14.5 million U.S. citizens were diagnosed with cancer. Advances in technology with Tempus are looking to lower these numbers every year. Tempus’ goal is to provide a platform that analyzes a patient’s molecular data. Human genomes hold a vast variety of clues that provide healthcare professionals with a more effective way to fight the disease. Data from genome sequencing is analyzed and used to combat the disease in a modernized way.

Advances in science and technology have accomplished the task of lowering the extreme cost of genome mapping. The process originally cost around 100 million dollars and within 10 years has dropped to around 5 thousand dollars. Tempus aims to decrease this cost even more and keep it down.

Cancer research with his company Tempus has become Lefkofsky’s greatest accomplishments.

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