Eric Pulier Is the King of Startups

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The websites that cover business news are always talking about the latest developments in the world of startups. This is the name that is given to companies that have just been created and have yet to find their footing. Many talented young people are always trying to come up with the next great idea that will allow them to launch a successful startup. Eric Pulier has done this many times during his amazing career. He has shown the remarkable ability to think of an idea, develop strategy for marketing this idea and hiring a staff of great people to create the website and launch the startup. He then turns around and sells the startup once it has proven to be very profitable.

Pulier did not begin his life with dreams of becoming tech wizard. In fact, his career goals were very different. He loved to read as a child. This love for literature carried over into his young adulthood. He was a brilliant student. However, he could not decide what he wanted to do for a career. It was during a fateful meeting with a guidance counselor when the answer finally dawned on him. He would become a college English literature professor. It would be the ideal job for Eric because he could teach a subject that he was truly passionate and make a good salary while he was at it. The amount of time off and easy schedule that college professors have were also appealing things to Eric.

Eric Pulier’s great grades got him into Harvard. He eventually finished his studies with a degree from Harvard in English Literature. However, he soon met up with some people who were attempting to get a startup off the ground. Eric thought it would be good experience to get involved. He helped the people out and became addicted to startups in the process. Eric would soon come up with the idea for ServiceMesh. This is a startup created that helps companies to use the cloud to perform various tasks. Eric has gone on to create a wide variety of other profitable startups.

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