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Eric is a multi-faceted entrepreneur that is respected for his efforts to change the world through his entrepreneurship skills, published writings and philanthropic endeavors. Eric graduated from Teaneck high school and later went to further his studies in Harvard University graduating with a degree in Arts, majoring in American literature and English in 1988 magna cum laude. From this time, his life has been about helping people with an economic challenge. He is also passionate about helping children who suffer from chronic conditions. His work is mainly focused on technological innovations, which makes him to remain at the forefront of the industry.


His time as a student in Harvard offered him an opportunity to write regularly for the Harvard crimson where he explored different topics with a sense of humor, as his writing did not lack a touch of fun. After his graduation, Pullier moved to LA where he funded a company known as people doing things which focuses on offering technological innovations and solutions to different sectors including the health care and education systems. In 1994, he founded Digital Digital Evolutions.


This interactive agency came together in a merger with the US Interactive LLC in the year 1998.The year before in 1997, Pullier had been chosen by the presidential inaugural committee to complete the presidential exhibit, which was to be considered the Bridge of the 21st century. This was displayed in Washington, DC.


Eric Pullier is a known figure in the world of technology. He has about 15 companies that he is associated with either through funding, founding or cofounding. Some of the big names associated with Pullier include SOA Software, Desktone and US Media Interactive LLC. He has been successful in raising hundreds of million dollars that his companies need to thrive. He is respected as being one of the successful entrepreneurs in his industry. Due to his success, he is often invited to speak on forums and address crowds. He attends technology forums and conferences regularly.


His career has been marred with a lot of dedication to help the poor in the community. He is very passionate about touching and changing the lives of chronically ill children and overall empowering the poor to be economically stable.

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