Eva Moskowitz Builds Success Academy From The Ground Up

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Eva Moskowitz is the CEO of the Success Academy family of schools, and she has built a large franchise that has schools across America. She has worked to serve children who need better educational environments, and there are many people who will benefit from he work she has done. This article explains how Eva Moskowitz improves the lives of children who come to her schools, and she will help them in new schools that she plans to open.


#1: What Is Success Academy?


Success Academy is one of the finest educational brands in the world, and Eva Moskowitz started these schools because she wanted to place children in programs that would teach them rather than teaching to the test. She feels strongly about how children should be educated, and she has directed all the people in her schools to do the work that is required to serve each child properly. Children in these schools have seen their lives change because of the work she has done, and children in each class are given personal attention that they need.


#2: Who Is Eva Moskowitz?


Eva Moskowitz leads Success Academy at all its locations, and there are a number of people who send their kids to these schools because they do not have a better public option in their community. Eva saw the need in the community, and she ensured that all children may be served in each school. She continued to open schools to meet the needs of the people in each community, and she knew that her hard work would be rewarded when she saw children succeed.


#3: Their Dream Of College


The dream of college is a reality for many kids who come to Success Academy, and each of these children may think of going to college for the first time in their lives. College is often not a reality for many of these kids because they do not go to schools that help them, and going to Success Academy helps these children prepare for college in a way that makes them more attractive to the colleges they would apply to.


#4: A Calm Environment


Eva Moskowitz is committed to creating a better environment for all children to learn in. Children who wish to use the school to learn will be in a place that is much quieter, and they will be more confident because they are not fighting for attention or to be heard. These children will learn how to study properly, and they will learn proper behavior in environments such as this.


#5: Eva’s Business Sense


The staff at Success Academy is quite strong, and they are led by Eva Moskowitz in a way that provides for the children more than anything else. A child who comes to the school will be much more comfortable with the things they have learned, and they will be supported by Eva and her staff.


Success Academy is a success because of Eva Moskowitz. She has done all that is needed to grow this large family of schools.

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