Fabletics: A Growing Trend

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It’s amazing that some people are talented enough to succeed where others fail. The fashion industry is no place for the fickle, but it’s also no place for those trying to make a quick buck. As anyone in the fashion business will agree, the market is dominated by countless powerhouses.

Yet, building a new brand from the ground up is exactly what Kate Hudson’s done. In 2013, she co-founded Fabletics, one of the most successful brands a part of TechStyle Fashion Group. As of 2016, Fabletics is a $250 million business whose popularity has grown nearly 43 percent.

Four years after its founding, Fabletics is one of the most followed fashion brands on Twitter. With over 20 million followers, it’s no wonder how Fabletics also launched 18 retail stores. While there are some nay-sayers doubting Fabletic’s membership model, they can’t dispute the 1.2 million members Fabletics all over the world.

The benefits of being a member far outweigh the negative about Fabletics. It’s just a fact; Fabletic’s members get discounts up to 50 percent off. That means Fabletics is selling the same high-quality, on-trend fashion as other activewear brands at nearly half the price. Fabletics also uses a personalized service to help new members find outfits that better match their personal styles.

It’s just a fact that Fabletics is taking advantage of the activewear movement. As the world becomes more focused on health and fitness, activewear rises in popularity. Activewear, or athleisure apparel, can be worn at the gym and around town. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and function.

Realizing how impactful athleisure apparel is, Kate Hudson focused on creating a brand that would inspire all women. Unlike other brands, which are body figure-biased, Fabletics creates fashion for all sizes, ages, and ability. The objective: to make every woman look and feel their best.

For one non-sponsored reviewer, Fabletics does exactly what it set out to do. In her opinion, Fabletics is actually worth the membership payments. The best part about those payments is having the ability to skip monthly payments. If she didn’t buy anything that month, she didn’t have to pay the monthly charge.

Also, she loved the wide variety of styles from Fabletics. Even non-members can see what Fabletics particular styles Fabletics has for them by taking their lifestyle quiz.

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