Face to Face communication is back, with the right app.

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For over a decade, the business community, as well as the public, has been growing ever more reliant on technology such as smartphones to interact with each other. Texting and Instagram have replaced good old-fashioned face to face communication. In 2007, all this changed with the introduction of the Talk Fusion App. This new app is usable on Apple iPhone devices as well as the more current android systems. Since its introduction has only gained in popularity and is now used in over one hundred and forty countries. What is the secret to its popularity? Video email. Simply put, it allows the user to input video presentations or live recordings from smartphones directly into emails for easy access to a wide range of other devices.

By allowing videos to be embedded into emails, Talk Fusion has become a game changer for businesses. It has long been known to social media marketers that videos attract more attention and can result in higher levels of engagement, resulting in higher click-through rates. This new smartphone app has made this type of marketing quick and easy while simultaneously increasing access to customers, clients, and business partners through its ability to make video calls. As an alternative to the phone conference, the app allows multiple participants to log in from many parts of the world and different types of device into a shared link, thus sharing a live video conference. This is a feature which is also quite popular with its social users to improve communication, and coordination within social groups, even if only to plan a get together at the local nightclub. Learn more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-opens-new-international-office-in-india-300563702.html

Since its introduction, Talk Fusion has undergone numerous modifications. These changes have added to its functionality and accessibility. Now the app can not only allow embedded video and video conferencing, but users can also invite friends to chat or get notification of their friends who are online. They are able to offer unlimited messaging free of ads. All of this is offered in a user-friendly way. Bob Reina, the C.E.O., even offers online classes on how to get the most from the app in a “Talk Fusion University.” It is no wonder, then, that the app has become popular not just for social use, but also for charities and businesses.

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