Glen Wakeman on his daily tasks and being a curious learner

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In his lifetime Glen Wakeman has fulfilled many successful roles. He is a mentor, writer, entrepreneur, businessman, and investor. His proven methodology has helped countless individuals and companies become incredibly successful. The 5 performance steps are human capital, leadership power, risk management, execution, and governance. Focusing on these 5 factors can turn around any business from going broke to highly successful.

Glen Wakeman CEO and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. It helps beginning entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into a workable plan, with the help of their software service that is fully automated. He also is the Founder and President of Nova Four. It offers developing companies access to capital and strategic advice so they can propel their business forward. This successful businessman spent over 20 years at GE Capital working in operations management, general management, and business development. Glen was also the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of the Board at Doral Financial Corporation. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Affiliate Dork.

One thing he would change if he could start over would be to keep better track of friends and acquaintances contact info. He believes that connections are the difference between success and failure. Web services and software that this entrepreneur uses are Fiverr and Doodle. They help him keep his life organized, keep costs down, and have access to resources around the world.


How does Glen Wakeman start his day? He check the numbers from cash totals, sales, etc from the previous day. He then meets with his business partner to divvy up tasks for the day. They also spend a period of their day doing research that includes today’s trends, seeing what their competition is doing, and reading reviews. At the end of a long day he will have caffeine, or a nice margarita. His ideas come to fruition by talking to the people around him. This way he can get feedback and advice to move forward or not. Glen Wakeman is highly curious and that makes problem-solving more doable. It is the eagerness to learn more. Speaking of learning, Glen recently spend the best $100 in his eyes on a a Berlitz Spanish language course. He has lived in 6 difference countries, so learning a new language certainly doesn’t hurt. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at Crunchbase.

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