IDLife, a Specialist in the Creation of Personalized Nutritional Supplements

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IDLife is a health and wellness company with a focus of revolutionizing the health and wellness industry with customized nutrition. The headquarters of IDLife is based in Texas. Logan Stout is the CEO and Founder of the health and wellness company. The abbreviation “ID” stands for individually designed life. The health and wellness firm was founded on the principle that people have different nutritional needs, meaning that individuals have different dietary needs. Its mission is to offer the highest quality products and programs to help people improve their health status.

IDLife creates an opportunity for clients to become part of the company through its extensive network model. That means that the company’s products are not sold in stores. Instead, IDLife uses sales associates to distribute its products to its clients around the world. That eliminates the intermediaries and ensures that the distributors don’t share their profit with the retailers and wholesalers.

IDLife produces a broad array of top-notch dietary supplements and vitamins. One of their nutritional supplements is the Meal Replacement Shake (Vanilla). IDLife uses a membership platform to collect information about all its clients. With this information, IDLife’s nutritionists create customized dietary supplements that best fits a client. Since people have different health, lifestyle, and activity levels, IDLife doesn’t recommend a single approach to health care. You must undergo a quick online evaluation before receiving IDLife’s personalized dietary supplement. The assessment also allows clients to achieve their personal health desires. For example, you may be desiring to maintain a current BMI or lose weight. In such as case, you will need different dietary supplements.

IDLife uses the finest ingredients to make its dietary supplements. When IDLife gives you a customized nutritional supplements, you are also provided with an actionable plan to help you reach your goals. Their plan includes a three-steps approach that one needs to follow every day. Use of an actionable plan has been part of IDLife’s success cornerstone. IDLife believes that encouragement and access to the right tools will help individuals to reach their health goals. Providing the right tools is an integral part of IDLife’s value system. As a result, IDLife has partnered with Garmin to develop valuable fitness tool and improve its customized dietary supplements. IDLife looks forward to integrate its IDWellness mobile app with Germin device data. The two companies share a common belief that being healthy goes beyond your physical appearance.

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