Jason Hope and the Tech Advancements as of Late

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Tech writer Jason Hope most commonly describes himself as a futurist. His passion in life is technology advancement. Jason Hope writes about tech advancements as well as the possibilities that come along with said advancements.


The most frequent topic of Jason Hope’s articles has been the Internet of Things in the past months. This topic of discussion has also been quite popular in the tech community as a whole due to its relevancy and the thousands of opportunities it poses for all sectors in both urban and rural life. The Internet of Things refers to the connection that devices can establish through Bluetooth and how they can be synchronized. Ay device can be used like that, and many of the devices we have at home are synched. Some of the most popular examples are our phones to our computers, as well as the tv and more. Outside, traffic lights are also a network that relies upon the Internet of Things.


This technological step forward comes with many possibilities but also with some disadvantages and even risks. While it can improve productivity and efficacy, having our devices, homes, cars, and access to buildings be synched across devices can pose a threat to security. Although one might have several devices, it only takes breaching one to get to all of them and the information they hold. These and many other thoughts and variants are included in the articles by Jason Hope on the matter.


Jason Hope is not only a writer, but he also spreads awareness of technological advancements through sharing news on his many social media accounts. His productive day consists of working on his latest article and then reading about the tech industry and sharing the articles on all of the social media platforms. Jason Hope also founded a company called Mobile Technology, and he occasionally does consultations as well.


Jason Hope received his higher education from the Arizona State University in Finance. He also attended the Arizona State Unversity– W. P. Carey School of Business from which Jason Hope received his M. B. A.

Jason Hope was born and raised in the state of Arizona. He is highly interested in the welfare of the state as well as the local politics.

One of the most fascinating things about politics in Arizona according to Jason Hope is the way they affect the business industry as well as the flow of money.

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