Jennifer Walden, the All-Time Best Beauty Surgeon

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Jennifer Walden is a favorite beauty female plastic surgeon hailing from Texas, United States. She developed the desire to be a surgeon while living with her father who was a dentist and her mother who was a surgical nurse. Jennifer was acknowledged as one of the best aesthetic plastic surgeons in Texas, United States. She deals with the following types of plastic surgeries:
• Breast augmentation
• Eyelid surgery
• Facelifts
• Liposuction
• Nose reshaping

Walden uses Vectra and Thermiva. Vectra is an imaging technology that aids the clients to preview their looks in 3-D before taking a surgical procedure. Thermiva, on the other hand, is a radio-frequency system and a temperature controlled instrument used for the treatment of stress incontinence and menopausal atrophy and rejuvenation and tightening of the vagina. Moreover; she has developed her surgical tools, which she has made available for use by other surgeons. She serves as a consultant in many surgery companies.

Walden takes pride in her job and guides her clients through the list of the kind of considerations they need to make before beginning the plastic surgery procedures. The considerations encompasses the undertaking of the whole process by licensed professional, body dysmorphia and physical appearance after the process, and self-esteem since the media pays much attention to the flops and not the successes of the industry

About Jennifer Walden
Jennifer Walden was born in 1971 in Austin, Texas in the United States. Jennifer joined Anderson High school and later graduated with a biology degree from the University of Texas after, which she moved to Galveston to secure a medical doctorate. After her graduation, she moved to New York to develop her skills, which would later pave the way for the development of her career as a beauty plastic surgeon.

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