Jim Tananbaum, an Investor with a Vision

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In a world where most are only concerned with the bottom line, Jim Tananbaum is a breath of fresh air. Mr. Tananbaum is an accomplished investor having founded the highly successful Foresite Capital. Foresite Capital is a private equity firm that solely caters to the healthcare sector. More specifically, the firm offers information, leadership, capital and human resource solutions to healthcare organizations.

In a recent interview with INC42, Mr. Tananbaum opened up about his investment experience. Right from a young age, he had a passion for applying information technology solutions to healthcare problems. To facilitate the fulfillment of this passion, he majored in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and math during his undergraduate studies at Yale. He continued to show his academic excellence by receiving an M.B.A. and M.D. from Harvard, and an M.S. degree from MIT.

A true testament to Mr. Tananbaum’s passion for merging technology and healthcare, his mentors are academicians and entrepreneurs drawn from both fields. He understands that the only way he can develop effective computer science solutions for healthcare is by seeking deeps insights from both worlds.

Before founding Foresite Capital, he worked at some pharmaceutical and healthcare ventures he helped form. The first of these ventures, GelTex Pharmaceuticals, went on to be sold for a healthy $1.6 billion. The other biopharmaceutical company he co-founded, Theravance, Inc., has a combined market value of over $3 billion together GSK owned partner venture, Innoviva. Mr. Tananbaum’s earliest inroads into the healthcare investment practice were with Prospect Venture Partners II and III.

The more than two-decade experience Mr. Jim Tananbaum has in healthcare investment has served Foresite Capital well. He has developed, tried and tested various insights over the years on how to identify the most viable investment opportunities in the healthcare sector. The fact that Foresite has different investment stakes in 77 healthcare ventures that are currently running is a testament to this fact. Follow Foresite Capital on Twitter

Arguably the greatest lesson budding entrepreneurs can learn from Mr. Tananbaum is the need to stay ahead of the crowd. An academic at heart, Mr. Tananbaum has had some significant successes as a result of predicting where the trend is heading and then collaborating with the best placed players to get his business there.

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