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Wearing athletic gear in the workplace used to be unheard of. These days a lot of companies with casual dress codes are seeing more and more employees opt to wear athletic gear. Over the past few years the athletic gear industry on Adweek.com has hit consumers by storm. It is estimated that Americans alone spent close to $44 billion in athletic gear in 2015. This estimate was an increase from the previous year. Athletic gear has become so popular that “athleisure” is now recognized as a word by Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Both low and high end retailers are cashing in on the rapid popularity of athletic gear. Even celebrities are getting involved in innovative athletic brands. One such celebrity is Kate Hudson who co-founded the now popular Fabletics active wear clothing line. One of the goals of Hudson’s company is to allow consumers to wear trendy sports wear while maintaining comfort at the same time. Although the company is still young, Fabletics has gained a lot of revenue and loyal customers. In fact, the company boasts over one million VIP membership subscribers. Fabletics has experienced so much success because they have maintained a good balance between providing quality and stylish clothing at an affordable price. Accessories, including hats, Fabletics socks, backpacks, underwear, beanies, briefs, and headband, are also available for purchase.

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Fabletics initially began as an e-commerce business and eventually expanded to physical retail stores. So far Fabletics has nine retail stores, but is looking to expand its presence beyond that number. Experts are convinced that this expansion will gain Fabletics even more revenue. The company has physical stores in New Jersey, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, California, Delaware, Utah, and Missouri. The company has received a lot of positive press and has been mentioned by many popular sources, including Elle, People, LA Times, OK! Magazine, In Style, Rachel Ray, US Today, Women’s Health, US Weekly, Shape, Star, and Reebok.

Learn more about Fabletics: https://www.youtube.com/user/Fabletics

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