Life Line Screening Making Health Testing Available to Everyone

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During a recent interview with a former cardiovascular surgeon, Andrew Manganaro, fully explained the procedures and operations of his company Life Line Screening. With a goal of lowering the incidence of cardiovascular diseases that include angina, heart attack and failure, arrhythmia, carditis, and stroke.

Many people avoid hospitals but going to one of Life Line Screening mobile units when the facility is in someone’s neighborhood makes great sense. Manganaro explained that the tests they provide are extensive but not invasive and all results are coordinated with their resident medical doctors and more information click here.

Life Line Screening is a viable concept that has been welcomed by the general public. Those individuals who are experiencing symptoms can have their physical condition tested for the wide range of cardiovascular diseases and receive a professional course of action or a clean bill of health. Individuals who fear they have a malignant disease but are afraid to go to a doctor waste valuable time by not identifying their condition and they lead unproductive and unhappy lives consumed with unnecessary worry and learn more about Life Line Screening.

As the general population ages, this group is resistant to traveling to an office or a hospital for an examination. The reasons may be physical or mental. Mobility for some seniors is in question and they are often offended by the cursory attention shown by very busy doctors but are usually impressed with the attention they are shown by a competent staff. Life Line Screening is filling a vital need by providing mobile, in-depth but noninvasive testing for the general public in neighborhood locations.

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