Lime Crime’s New Addition To The World Of Hair

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Lime Crime is by far one of the best companies in the world today because of how well Doe Deere delivers her work and provides her fans with the best makeup possible. She strives to come up with new ways to give women a way to express themselves as uniquely as possible. The best part about Lime Crime was how well the brand has accomplished so much over the years since it began back in 2008. Doe wanted to create quality makeup, and she did exactly that. With her new additions t the lineup of what she sells, it’s safe ’tis at that she is coming up with brand new ideas that are going to help shape your overall fashion sense.


Lime Crime is taking the world of hair care to another level. With their newest addition to the brand, Unicorn, they are going to provide fans of the company what they have always wanted with hair dye. They have 13 colors in different shades that can give you the perfect look. Mix and match all of the colors and get the color you want. People are loving it because of its hyper performance and how strong it is with your hair. It can stay on the hair for a long amount of time and provide you with simplicity and a new look almost instantly. The best part about the brand is that Doe Deere, the creator, did work on this part of the brand for about two straight years. It took months upon months of work in order to get Unicorn made and ready for the public to try.


Doe Deere is a hardworking woman who loves what she does in the makeup world. She crafted this line to give users what they have always wanted; a way to express themselves. Her makeup design is what gives people life and the chance to look amazing. This brand prides itself in coming up with new ways to be different and help people explore the possibilities available for makeup and hair design. Grab a new jar and join the fun and change your hair.

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