Lime Crime’s Pursuit To Perfection

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Owning and running a business isn’t as easy as it looks. There are a lot of things that goes on behind the scenes. A successful business is more than just selling products. A success business knows that it must sell products that are in demand. On the other hand, Lime Crime just so happens to be one of those successful businesses, and it has built a blueprint of success. Though the company is known for its vividly bright makeup products, the company is diversifying its range with hair care products. Its Unicorn Hair Collection is holding its own among other top contenders. This collection of hair care products has some of the hottest hair dyes to date, and they’re changing the appearance of the consumers on a daily basis.

Some of the newer hair dye products come in rich, colorful hues. The dyes are so rich that even dark haired brunettes can enjoy the colorful tones. Purple is the color of choice for the fall season, but Lime Crime takes it to a whole new level. Its Squid (spooky purple) as well as its Chestnut (deep maroon) hair dyes are game changers. They are easy to apply, and they smell wonderful. Unlike other competing hair dye brands, Lime Crime is certified animal cruelty-free, and it’s a vegan made product. In other words, these advanced products are safe to use on a consistent basis. You won’t be able to do that with other brands because their hair care product are full of chemicals.

The Unicorn Hair Collection allows you to represent “team unicorn.” Consumers can choose between Charcoal (gray), Squid (purple), Chestnut (maroon) or Sea Witch (green). These products will put an extra pep in your step as well as help you garner plenty of admiration. The pursuit to perfection has been implemented, and it is in full-effect.

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