Looking Forward to the Fyre Festival

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Festivals are a fantastic way to get out of your comfort zone and experience something that is truly unique and out of this world. Concerts, smaller venues, and private shows are all fantastic but there is something special about a music festival that brings attendees together and makes for a truly magical time. The 2017 Fyre Festival is gearing up and it is essential for anyone thinking of attending to know a bit about the festival prior to purchasing tickets.

For starters, most festivals have one genre or one basic band type that takes the stage. The Fyre Festival however always hosts a large range of performers from pop, rap, hip-hop and more all coming together on one island for the performance of a lifetime.

This is a luxury festival experience so you are going to have access to a great deal of performers so that you can truly see what the festival has to offer. It takes place on the island of Fyre Cay in the spring and it is a fully luxury experience. Read more: Fyre Festival | Facebook

On top of a genre spanning lineup of performers, there is also a treasure hunt. Who does not love a great treasure hunt and when you are on a tropical island it is sort of implied that it needs to happen.

The hunt has treasures that total up to $1 million and are things like cash, jewelry, and so much more making for a competitive atmosphere that is still totally worthy of the setting.

There are also multiple levels of access, the first is general admission which is still a very good deal. With general admission you get access to concerts, food, and a place to rest your head and vacation. For those that want to spice things up a bit, you can also get VIP tickets which include things like meet and greets with the performers, access to backstage parties, food, parties, and more.

Overall this is not just a music festival but a festival and a vacation in a tropical paradise rolled into one. For those that have the chance to attend, it is truly once in a life time and completely worth it.

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