Matt Badiali: Investing with Freedom Checks

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Matt Badiali is a geologist who has worked in the mining and petroleum industry. He is now a business writer for the Banyan Hill Publishing Company, and his newsletter talks about investments and ways on how to get wealthy with the help of trading and investing. One of the latest investment options that he is promoting are the freedom checks. He even uploaded a video explaining what these checks are, and the video went viral overnight. Many people have seen the video, and their knowledge about these checks went up. Matt Badiali explained the subject thoroughly, and the people who have seen the video were encouraged to try investing in these checks. Read more about Freedom Checks at


According to the video posted by Matt Badiali, freedom checks can be seen as a parallel to government supported benefits and retirement programs, but they are very different. The investment platform is being offered by companies which are mainly operating in the oil and petroleum industry, and they even had a name for this group: master limited partnerships, or MLPs for short. MLPs were given the privilege to not pay any more taxes if they agreed to the conditions presented by the government: first, the oil and petroleum companies would have to make sure that 90% of their operations are conducted in the United States; second, is that they should offer the checks to those who wanted to invest. These checks were non-existent in the past, but because of Statute 26-F, the public can now earn money while the oil and petroleum corporations are earning profits. It is similar to a dividend being given to shareholders, but the difference is that these checks do not require many requirements, and everyone can invest in it. Read this article at Money Morning.


Matt Badiali also presented some real life examples, where investors managed to earn up to $643,000 in a year. He also stated that someone who would be investing in freedom checks can earn up to a thousand dollars monthly. Matt Badiali encouraged his viewers to visit one of the 500 MLPs around the United States and ask them for these checks. Freedom checks can be purchased normally just like how a share can be bought from the stock market. After the checks have been purchased, one could wait for months and observe how the market moves. When the oil and petroleum companies earn a lot of profit, those who purchased the checks will be given their fair share of profit that they truly deserve.


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