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Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO in Tempus that aims at finding the cure for cancer. He was born in the 1970s. He is an entrepreneur based in Glencoe in the United States. He and Brad Keywell started Uptake Company. The firm specializes in the improvement of other organization through the use of the data science. The two persons later invented the Chicago Venture Capital Firm Light bank. It’s an investment firm with the investments in more than 100 companies. (Click:


He started his career in selling carpets before 2001 foundering his farm the inner workings situated in Chicago. The organization is concerned with printing and delivery of different brands. It has over 40 offices and 6000 customers. In the year 2005, he invented another firm Echo Global Logistics, a chain management company. It is well known for incorporating the technology in the transportation industry. It has over 17 offices and 22000 clients. In the year 2006, he founded the Media Max company, an advertising firm.


According to, he is a product of Michigan University where he attained his law degree. He is more advantaged having skills in Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Markegting, Online Advertising and leadership among many others. Moreover, he has knowledge in the field of outsourcing, strategic visions, Biomarkers, Social Media among many others that have seen him become a global leader. The achievements are contributed by his great interests in leadership and management. According to various persons, his success has been due to his hard work, willing to learn and determination to succeed.


His philanthropy nature is manifested in many areas like the education. He supports Eric and Liz foundation that help children, and disadvantaged youth stated in The firm offers scholarships for the education. Moreover, he has been seen to help the tutors to through new leaders and Educators that provide the tools for them. He further through the Money thinks provides mentors that aid in teaching the financial education. He further has various donations in the University of Michigan. His other areas of interest are the arts and culture and human rights.


In the health center, he has supported medical centers like Damon Runyon, ABTA, and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering. He also helps the researchers in interests in the field. He also has the heart for the women where his family in unison Google and Motorola Mobility Foundation has started FEMtech in the urge to help female tech entrepreneurs.


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