NewsWatch TV reviews Contour Keypad

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Newswatch has been a trusted source for news regarding groundbreaking technology, travel, health, and entertainment since 1990. They have featured over 10,000 individual and original stories during this period and covered stories in medical breakthroughs, popular and not so popular travel destinations, new products on hot markets, public policies, modern entertainment, celebrities, and charities among several other topics.

Since its beginning in 1990, over 650 celebrities have used NewsWatch as an outlet to discuss today’s issues in society as well as charities and social causes that they support. NewsWatch has become so popular in the last eighteen years that it van be seen in almost every American market, and reaches over 96 million households on each edition.

One of the popular segments done on NewsWatch is the showing of new innovations that are just hitting the market. One such innovation is the new Contour Keypad. This is not just any keypad, this innovation has taken workstations and made them healthier, easier, and optimized client work production. The keyboard has a roller mouse and a balanced keyboard.

The digital left clock on the roller mouse and the balance of the keyboard allows for minimal impact on the fingertips, which, as trivial as it may seem, carries lasting impacts on all over health. The roller-bar also allows the user to move the mouse without the over extending the wrist by reaching to different parts of the keyboard. The smart keyboard is completely wireless and does not require an on/off switch due to its smart technology. The wireless nature and the ability to adjust the keyboard to different heights allows for comfortable and healthy use from anywhere the customer wants to work.

The workspace saver keyboard is the beginning of making the use of the keyboard easier and more comfortable for everyone.

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