NuoDB Cloud Technology: Scalability Built for Growing Companies

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Modern users expect practically instantaneous result from their database systems, which necessarily requires minimal latency.

NuoDB delivers smooth transactions with absolute minimal latency utilizing a memory based storage structure. NuoDB cloud database systems are elastic, durable, and ACID compliant, ensuring that transactions never break up or change during data transfer.

Its scalability, resiliance, and elasticity, give you lots of room to grow, and NuoDB makes it easy, too. Peer databases efficiently accept data from data centers in new geographic locations.

NuoDB uses a peer-to-peer communication structure thst minimizes network traffic, while and it’s expandable, memory based system eliminates the rigid capacity limitations of traditional disk I/O storage .

Built-in resiliance keep things running smoothly even in the case of a server overload or scheduled shut-downs. Peers will take on the workload of the inactive server. Information sharing also enables peers that need dats to pull it from the geographically closest peer system, cutting precious transfer time to a minimum.

For the flexibility to change and grow along with the efficiency and incredible ease-of-use features, NuoDB appears to deliver.

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