Omar Yunes makes Sushi Itto Proud

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The Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) Competition took place in Florence Italy on the 5th of December 2015. However, nobody was as lucky as Omar Yunes, Sushi Itto franchisee as he won this coveted award. Attending this event were representatives from over 34 countries. But who exactly is Omar Yunes?

Omar Yunes is a native of Mexico, and he franchises Japanese food chain Sushi Itto. Omar has been able to win several awards in the BFW competitions. He has always had a passion for the food business and started associating with Sushi Itto from a tender age of 21. Many years later and with vast experience, Omar is in charge of over 13 of the company’s franchises in three major locations; Mexico, Veracruz, and Puebla. He has impeccable marketing skills through which he has been able to take over the food industry and market the company’s products appropriately.

As a leader in the industry, Omar has created opportunities for over 400 workers who are strategically placed to work with the franchise’s 13 units. Omar was able to win this award because he represents the chain and its employees alike. Omar has been known to motivate the workers by paying them well. This is how the company has been able to realize their core goal in the food business industry. Through his exemplary leadership, Sushi Itto has been able to develop an appropriate structure, a working business strategy and a strong business network on which the company depends.

Omar reported that he felt proud to win as he carried the dreams of 400 others and 13 units with him. The organizer of BFW, Diego Elizarrarrás, also noted that Omar was able to take both the national and overall award because he acted as a bridge in the franchisee-franchising relationship. This helped the franchise achieve better information management and establish control boards that measured the units. Diego further notes that through this award, Sushi Itto has placed itself on the global map and Mexican franchising has, therefore, become a global affair.

Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of Sushi Itto said that the BFW award is a manifestation of their efforts towards their objective of excellent customer service and hospitality.

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